• My Relatable Pony: Rarity

    Greetings once more. We find ourselves only on the first week of February and it already feels like a roller-coaster ride for the fandom this year. I propose we slow down and take some time to appreciate the reliability of one of the most elegant ponies today.

    Rarity; so enamored with her appearance she can quickly be written off as shallow, but this admirable mare exemplifies more than just a thick layer of make-up. Rarity turned hard work into an art, performing effortlessly to provide a generous display of time, love and couture. She takes her friendships just as seriously, striving to be unparalleled in her selflessness.

    If you can find a hint of similarity in Rarity, please grace this read with your presence after the break.

    There's no hiding I relate to Rarity quiet a bit. Although I’ve been known to commit a fashion faux pas from time to time, being generous, creative and dramatic describe me almost as well as it does Rarity.
    Because of her tendency toward the sensational, I think it’s easy to miss the subtly of just how relatable Rarity is.

    Season 1: Suited for Success: Being a people-pleaser.

    I could understand one or two being displeased, but all of them?

    This was the first MLP episode I watched. The moment fashion horse said she was going to make dresses for all her friends I smugly responded, “She ain’t gonna be able to do it, this is soooo cliché.” Little did I know, the fashionista wasn’t only able to make the dresses, she did so beautifully!

    Rarity didn't struggle with overconfidence, she suffered from being a people-pleaser! Her dresses were perfect, but she wrecked herself trying to make everypony around her happy. Rarity does this quite a lot throughout the series. Seriously, just watch older episodes and watch how much effort she puts into her facades.

    Rainbow Dash could learn a thing or two from Rarity here.

    Rarity: So long as my friends are satisfied . . .
    Many of us struggle with being crowd pleasures. It’s hard! Rarity was willing to look foolish in front of one of Equestria's most prominent fashion critics just to give her friends what they wanted. Rarity, I relate.

    Season 2: Sweet and Elite: Underappreciating where you come from.

    You can take the mare out of Ponyville, but you can't take Ponyville out of the mare.
    Rarity loves Ponyville, we all know that, but her hometown isn’t viewed with the most positive light in the city of Canterlot. Sometimes our friends or towns have traditions and customs we don’t really want to be recognized for let alone defined by. (This can be harder if you’re from a place with a negative stereotype)

    So Rarity was comfortable conforming to a new set of norms, but her friends jeopardized the new image she wanted to build for herself. It’s only natural to get frustrated or even embarrassed by the actions of the place you call home.

    Rarity: They must have confused me for a different Rarity.
    Thing is, Rarity didn't want ponies to judge her based on the less classy mannerisms of Ponyville. Of course, the episode over exaggerated this point, but that doesn't make it less relatable. It would be hard to get any pony else to consider Rarity's designs as high fashion once they're labeled Ponyville chic. I'm happy Rarity learns that popularity in Canterlot isn't worth the friendships she's made in Ponyville. Go Rarity!

    Season 3: Sleepless in Ponyville: Roughing it, just kidding: Taking advantage of family.

    Rarity: I didn't say you could stop.

    Why is it so easy to be generous with strangers and friends, but not with family. Look, I like camping as much as the next full-time employed, hard-working, internet-dependent, passed the age where bugs are cool, owner of a pillow-top bed adult; but if my family wants me out in nature, you better believe I’m packing the essentials and they better help me drag it around. Is this generous? NO! But they're family, they should put up with all my issues if they want my time, right?

    It's easy to set unrealistic expectations for family. They're always going to be there so we feel comfortable showing them our worst. We expect our families to understand all our needs and respond to them. Rarity is notorious for this. Her little sister loves her and would do anything for her. Rarity might manipulate this a bit to get what she wants. But ultimately Sweetbell just wants time with her sister, and she’s getting it. Family can be like this from time to time. We do things to family we would never dream of asking from our friends. I know I'm not the only one who's guilty of pulling a selfish Rarity in a family relationship.

    Season 4: Rarity takes Manehattan: Your greatest strength is your weakness.

    Okay, I relate to everything Rarity in this episode (except making dresses, of course). Rarity fully believes her fellow contestant was deserving of a little generosity. Fashion horse is simply that charitable

    Horrible reality check, being good to others does not mean they will be good back. There are even ponies who actively seek out opportunities to take advantage of Rarity’s kind of generosity.

    Suri actions deeply affect Rarity and the designer shortly becomes bitter. When our generocity is used against us, we have a tendency to shy away from being generous. Rarity can’t stop herself from being generous, but she does have emotional manipulation in her arsenal. She does this to her friends.

    "Isn't Friendship Magic?!"

    I’m happy Rarity realizes that the benefits of her kindness far outweigh the risks. Yes, nice people will be taken advantage of, but they will also be the ones to build real friendships.

    To be loved, someone had to be generous first.
    People who are generous have the opportunity to make solid friendships. If we're greedy, skeptics than we'll never be in a position to make lasting relationships. We have to stick our necks out and be generous with our kindness. It won't always pay off, but when it does it's so very worth it. So yeah, Rarity's pain this episode is relatable.

    Season 5: Made in Manehattan: Correcting others.

    Wait; are they just gonna leave that money on the street?

    This isn't something I expect the more reserved of us to relate to, but for those of us comfortable with talking with strangers, we get this moment. Rarity just saw somepony who needed an expert opinion on hats. Rarity happens to be an expert in fashion, why wouldn't she rush over to this stranger and offer help.

    To those of us like Rarity, it is simply understood that if you can help correct those around you, you should. Rarity doesn't shy away from the opportunity to enrich others, and I would say she's open to it happening to her too. I know I can't just let someone be wrong, especially if they are really trying to get things right. This moment is a testament to her compassion.

    Season 6: The Saddle Row Review: Leaping before you look. 

    Rarity: Why did I only schedule one day to prepare for the grand opening of a boutique in the greatest fashion district in Equestria!?
    Did it bother anyone else that Rarity literally planned the opening of her shop on the exact same day she got the keys to the place? Why? Excitement! Rarity is a pony prone to jumping into exciting new opportunities sometimes without thinking. She just can’t resist. Rarity actually makes a habit out of rushing into 'fun' projects.
    Remember that time Rarity volunteered to style a complicated yet symbolic headdress without any previous experience. Yeah, Cadance does too.
    When Rarity gets excited, she's all in, piling projects and activities onto her plate without so much as an inkling that she's taken on too much. Again, there are plenty of moments throughout the show where we see her take on too much.

    I’ve rushed things out of excitement before. I can totally see Rarity being so excited about opening in Manehattan that she threw caution to the wind and rushed an opening date.

    Season 7: Rock Solid Friendship: The pain of being common. 

    Because I need to say it: Spike's a great friend here.

    Remember that moment Maud said that all the gems Rarity had found were common? Rarity worked hard to find those gems using her special talent. She believes gems make her clothes unique! Have you ever had someone tell you how lackluster your contributions were?

    I might not make dresses, but I do write, obviously. Every so often even I create something that is just average. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but as an artist you never really want to hear, "Hey, your best effort is only so-so."

    Rarity is coming to terms with the fact that all her special gem decorated fabrics are actually covered in run-of-the-mill clusters of dirt. And Rarity can't even be mad at Maud because it's an objective fact, the rocks are common. Regardless, Rarity's plan for those gems has just gone out the window. I find it very telling about her character here that she doesn't throw a "worst possible thing" tantrum. Rarity suffers this realization silently, even though it deeply hurt her.

    What about the fabulosity!

    We all know Rarity is supposed to be the most fashion-forward pony in Ponyville. She's a big sister, an Element of Harmony, a drama queen; but she's got the relatable trait of being an artist. She's compassionate to others who have a desire to represent themselves in their art.

    Yes, Rarity wants to be popular and be surrounded by creature comforts and what have you, but the depth of who she is focuses on interpersonal relationships with other ponies. She wants to be part of the bigger story of her world and she chooses to interact with that world through her dresses.

    If you can relate to Rarity in any measure, my guess is you're very in tune with your emotions and others appreciate the ability to be authentic around you. Keep being fabulous and share tips, please!