• Editorial: My Relatable Pony: Pinkie Pie!

    Last mane 6 members; who's ready to relate!

    Pinkie Pie: needs no introduction. She’s probably already introduced herself to you! Perfectly positive Pinkie Pie pushing peculiar parties, playful pranks, plus palatable pastries! She’s a pony that exudes happiness from the moment she wakes up till her head hits the pillow at the end of the day. She’s become the heart of her friend group and takes that role super-duper seriously. Afterall, friendship is serious.

    Okay my crazy, hyper, over-enthused Pinkie sympathizers out there, It’s Your Relateable Pony Editorial. Let’s get this party started!

    So I saved Pinkie for last. Without this bubble ball of positivity, I’m not sure I would have ever stayed a brony. Having a personality much like Pinkie’s, it’s hard to find a character that both highlights the joys and pains of being this way. Can anyone else relate? I love this pony, so yeah, I’m a bit bias. Oh well, let’s take a look at a few of those relatable moments.

    Season 1: Swarm of the Century: Not communicating effectively.

    Music is the universal language, right?
    Pinkie’s not stupid, she’s just not the most direct communicator. She saw the parasprites, assumed everypony was on the same page as her and began collecting instruments. Pinkie’s thoughts and actions were completely logical, but her communication was awful.

    I suffered this a lot when I was younger. Pinkie has so many thoughts all connected by personal experiences, but she can’t see that her ramblings confuse everypony around her. Pinkie's mind is a cacophony of ideas, each worth pursuing to her. She’s gotten better about slowing down and properly organizing it to share with others, but she’ll probably always struggle with reeling in her hectic ideas.

    Season 2: The Return of Harmony: Being thought of as a joke. (Don’t hurt me for not picking the Smile Song, I promise I’ll get to it!)

    “There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” — Erma Bombeck.

    I always found it appropriate that Pinkie was the Element of Laughter and not something like joy or happiness. Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, however, too much medication can become dangerous quickly. Laughter is one of those fickle concepts in life. It can be either good or bad.

    For Pinkie, the chance to make others smile is all she ever really wants. We know how she gets when she can't be that source of joy for them.

    Hello Darkness, my old friend.

    Pinkie doesn't view laughter as a negative thing, so to suddenly imagine that your friends might not actually value your joy but just want to get a laugh at your expense is hard. To be thought of as a joke would be the lowest of the low for Pinkie.

    Any of you jokesters out there know what I'm talking about. You're hanging out with people and your extroversion/enthusiasm is treated like some kind of board game someone brought. No one wants a deep conversation with you, no one takes your thoughts seriously, no one wants you around when you're not smiling for them. (My advice, get out of that group and get with people who love all of you.)
    I often wonder how the others were able to hold Pinkie still long enough to cure her.

    Pinkie has great friends that value her beyond the zany moments. She wasn't put in Equestria just to make everyone Smile, Smile, Smile. They were willing to go after her when she wasn't putting out the jokes. GREAT FRIENDS!

    Season 3: Too Many Pinkie Pies: Forgetting who you are.

    Won't the real Pinkie Pie please stand up?
    Now I know Pinkie and I aren’t the only ones to forget who we are. Pinkie made a bunch of copies of herself; all of them doing all the zany things ponies around town knew her for. Each copy has a facet of Pinkie's personality. Pinkie gets an unfettered look at these parts of herself. She is so overwhelmed by all these negative aspects of her character.

    The real Pinkie cares about her friends, and that's what makes her different from all the copies. Yes, Pinkie is crazy, loud and fun seeking, but the truth about her is that she cares about others. Party pony is about making others happy, not just about having fun.

    I think we can all relate to defining ourselves too rigidly to one aspect of our identity. We forget that we are more than just one thing.

    Season 4: Filli Vanilli: Hoof in Mouth.

    Pinkie: If they gave us an episode together maybe I'd learn how to treat you better!
    Look, Pinkie went too far again, I’m not denying that. Many don’t like Pinkie in this episode because it seemed her character was rewritten for the purpose of pushing Fluttershy to tears. To me, Pinkie is being forcibly encouraging. Listen to what she’s saying and you have to admit it would be a rousing speech for someone with a similar thought processor to Pinkie’s. All of us have said things the wrong way before. Maybe you told a joke to the wrong audience or shared an opinion with someone who was more sensitive about the topic. You were speaking casually and ended up hurting your listener.

    Stop being ridiculous!
    Or maybe Pinkie was just bored and wanted to get a rise out of Fluttershy. I know I’m not too proud of this, but there are times I say/do things totally weird just to get a reaction from people. No idea why I do it, I just sometimes feel like being ridiculous and I don’t care who’s uncomfortable. Somehow it’s fun for me. Does Pinkie do this? Eh, maybe.

    Regardless, we all speak without thinking at times and Pinkie is notorious for this.

    Season 5: Party Pooped: Make it look easy.

    "What can I say, I'm good at what I do."

    Pinkie has so much energy and she’s always happy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work just as hard as everypony else. If you’ve ever planned a party then you understand this. I feel like I must point out that Pinkie is a party Planner, not the host of the party. Her job is to make sure things run smoothly so the host can focus on the guests. Seriously, look up what goes into event planning.

    Watch this episode looking at the focus and time Pinkie applies to her work.
    Planners aren’t there to have fun, they’re there to make sure everyone else does. Pinkie’s Always Working!

    She looks like she’s pulling all these tricks and jokes from nowhere, but the truth is Pinkie planned and arranged everything. This mare even has items stashed around Equestria in case of emergencies! (And if you subscribe to the idea that she’s aware of us watching, she’s probably set up jokes just for us to laugh at).

    "Thank You!"
    When Pinkie started crying because her friends finally understood the amount of work she does, it was beautiful. I relate to this because I do lots of things to make my friends happy. Pinkie doesn’t want others to be burdened with how hard she worked to put together their greatest party ever. She hides her hard work and does it all alone. Any of you bubbly bronies relate to this? Then you probably agree with Pinkie: the smile of a friend is worth all the unacknowledged work.

    Season 6: Spice Up Your Life: Being Different is Good!

    Bad food, bad food everywhere!

    Party pony is different. She knows it. She’s so different she couldn't find a place to fit in at home and had to leave. If any pony understands the ramifications of never rearranging because some pony says she should, it’s Pinkie Pie. Her unique antics are what make Equestria a better place, and Pinkie knows the world would be lacking without everypony adding their own special kind of spice.

    Not only does Pinkie know this, she encouraged others to do the same. Since I’ve already admitted to being a people pleaser, I have to say I relate more to Pinkie’s encouraging others in this episode. She always pushes others to be their authentic self. Pinkie wants everyone to have the same personal freedom she has. And . . .

    Season 7: Fame and Misfortune: Being Different Is Bad!

    . . . Pinkie is still searching for the balance between being silly and being serious. Trust me when I say her personality comes with a major drawback. It is a constant struggle for Pinkie to get others to take her seriously. All her other relatable qualities included, she comes off as somepony too ditzy to have depth. Other ponies look at Pinkie and only see the comic relief that she works hard to presents to them.

    To quote what has been said to me ad nauseam by many people: If you love everyone, that kinda cheapens your love. Being friendly to everyone I guess means I’m friendly to none. Yeah, whatever. Pinkie doubtlessly gets the same reaction for her attitude toward all ponies. She’s a shallow friend, right? It's hard being somepony who feels their feelings so strongly. Being different in this regard leaves plenty of room for misunderstanding between others with less emotion.

    Season Pinkie: The Smile Song: It’s all about Pinkie!

    Come on everypony, Smile!
    Told ya I'd get to this. Pinkie is my favorite mane 6 member, so she gets an extra category; sorry other ponies.

    Having a bad day? This song is one you should blast through your radio. However, may I challenge you to listen to this song from Pinkie’s point of view?

    The first time I heard this song I cried. It was insane to hear a cartoon character perfectly express how I felt. Pinkie isn't excited just because others are happy, she's not just feeling their joy. Her making others happy is a necessity to her own joy. She can’t be happy unless she makes others happy. Pinkie feels she must be the conduit by which those around her know happiness, otherwise she can’t feel complete.

    Party horse has built an entire lifestyle around making others happy. Pinkie only lets others see what she wants them to see, the happiness. Her hurts, insecurities, confusions, pain; she deals with those alone as much as possible.

    Pinkie comforts Pinkie when Pinkie's sad.

    She builds herself back up to be the pony that can make others happy. She can wear the facades to bring joy and then turn around and comfort herself for feeling lonely.

    Nothing pleases me more than when Pinkie can be unhappy with another pony. Even though they are sad moments, those are the ones she needs most. I'm just so happy she has her friends. I'm glad these ponies get to be part of my life too!

    But the Party just got started?

    When it comes to Pinkie Pie, I could ramble on all day long. I’ve got to cut this off somewhere. If you relate to Miss Pie by any measure, keep bringing sunshine to every person you meet. Don’t get discouraged by others’ opinions of your optimism. Life’s a party and you just got your invitation.