• Plushie Compilation #260

    Plushies have always been one of my favorite parts of the fandom and to see how the fandom has expanded from a few makers during the early days to a full range of talented artists just puts a smile on my face.

    Plushies are here again, get them after the break.

    [1] Source

    MLP Rara plush by Egalgay

    [2] Source

    Somnambula MLP plushie by adamar44

    [3] Source

    Pony Sherlock by 1stAstraStudio

    [4] Source

    Velvet Hope (OC) by DoctorKoda

    [5] Source

    Nexxon-Zealot V7 by kiashone

    [6] Source

    MLP Starlight Glimmer plush by Egalgay

    [7] Source

    Apathia Reddit Pony Plush by Jhaub1

    [8] Source

    Fluttershy custom plushie by teikigun

    [9] Source

    Countess by GSCuddleCraft

    [10] Source

    Filly Fluttershy 3 by SamalaKatal

    [11] Source

    MLP 13 inch Seapony OC 'Heart Stitches' Plushie by RubioWolf

    [12] Source

    MLP PLUSH- COUNTESS COLORATURA 47 inches for sale! by Masha05

    [13] Source

    MLP PLUSH- Octavia Melody-120 cm - commission. by Masha05

    [14] Source

    My Little Pony Princess Coco Pommel Plush (Gift) by astuyasiroh09

    [15] Source

    CarouselCustom-Angel-1a by LadyLittlefox

    [16] Source

    Big Lyra Plush by LyrasPlush

    [17] Source

    Chibi OC - Caesar Magnassun by One-Violet-Rose

    [18] Source

    Chibi Night Glider by One-Violet-Rose

    [19] Source

    Chibi Twilight by One-Violet-Rose

    [20] Source

    Custom handmade My Little Pony OC plush - Regent by SugarcubeCherry

    [21] Source

    Velvet Step Beanie by kiashone

    [22] Source

    Chibi Fluttershy by LyrasPlush

    [23] Source

    Punk Rarity Elsa COvian Request by Legadema

    [24] Source

    Purple Shade by Legadema

    [25] Source

    Season 8 is coming! by Legadema

    [26] Source

    My Little Epona by Legadema

    [27] Source

    Goth Luna by Legadema

    [28] Source

    Myth-Plush EX. Soul of Cotton XDD by Legadema

    [29] Source

    Gypsy Rose Luna

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