• My Little Pony Starlights by Aloka - Review!

    Last week, I posted about a new line of "My Little Pony Starlights" that a company called Aloka was currently manufacturing. They asked if we'd like to review one, so I scooped me up a Fluttershy! I figured that would be the most relaxing pony for a night light right?

    Head on down below the break for my thoughts on it!

    I'll let the demonstration video above show you what it looks like. In a good, dark room, these things are bright! There are three little LEDS total to fire up the Fluttershy, and her outlines glow with whatever color is currently being blasted. Even in bright daylight the whites reflect the colors around enough to display everything perfectly.

    Usually with these more random pony toys, you don't get a whole lot of complexity. Pianos that have five keys, microphones that sound like they came from the 1800's, but these are actually pretty in-depth with what you can do.

    You have every color option available to you via the remote, with 12 in all. They also have a sleep mode that gently fades away so you can fall asleep to best pony's glow~ This will dim to a more neutral white as opposed to one of the colors.

    Alternatively you can light your room for 40 minutes with the timer mode. Pick a color and it will shut off automatically after 40 minutes is up.

    And if you want to drive your peripheral vision nuts, the rainbow mode will cycle through all the colors (as seen in the video above).

    The final setting is the one that looks like a tree. It ditches any color for a simple white light like your typical LED lamp. It's not going to beat an actual CFL bulb, but it's enough to not accidentally run into furniture and probably a bit better for middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks.

    The stand itself is where you can activate and change things manually if you lose the remote... which is what I did about 5 minutes after opening it. Woops. You also have a USB connection which seems to be the preferred route if you want to keep it on for extended periods of time. Using the AA batteries will cause the light to turn off automatically over time to save power, whereas plugging it in lets you seemingly keep it on indefinitely.

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. They picked adorable pony vectors and lit them up. What's to hate?

    As mentioned in the previous post, they have Pinkie, Rainbow, Twilight, and Fluttershy. You can pick up any of them over at the Aloka website for 29.95.

    Have some more beauty shots: