• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #62 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, Discussion!

    Why yes! The Convocation of the Creatures is a true cultural exchange! There are delegates here from the smallest breezie to the most ferocious the dragons!

    Yes King Thorax, we are talking about Spike and not the Dragon Lord who is currently glaring daggers at you. Yes King Aspen, I am well aware she now glaring at all of us. Yes Prince Rutherford, I do agree we should all DUCK AND COVER!!!

    And can someone please check in with Princess Twilight Sparkle? She never came back after her break.

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    Variant Covers
    Cover A by: Andy Price
    Cover B by: Sara Richard
    1 in 10 Retailer Incentive Cover by: Jennifer Meyer

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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #62
    Ted Anderson (w) • Andy Price (a & CVR A) • Sara Richard (CVR B) • Jennifer Meyer (CVR RI) • Heather Breckel (c)

    Convocation of the Creatures—Part 2: Canterlot is on the verge of being given to… the Griffons? Twilight, Raven and others will have to act fast to save the seat of pony royalty!

    FC • 32 pages • $3.99