• Community Soapbox #68 - Sunset and Sunburst Related?, MLP Movie Cult Classic, G5, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Sunset and Sunburst: Brother and Sister?
    • MLP movie as a cult classic
    • Potential Spike Friendship Map Quest Episode Idea
    • MLP Friendships vs. Real Friendships
    • Don't panic about G5
    • Thorax, I am your father
    • The geopolitics of equestria

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    Potential Spike Friendship Map Quest Episode Idea
    By: Mike Mitchell

    Now I was watching the season finale and like, when both RD and Spike go to the dragon lands to retrieve Flash Magnus’s shield, they see Garble being a pain and refusing to give it up, thus racing Spike to win it himself.

    Anyway, I got to thinking.

    What if the friendship map calls Spike (as we've seen in Triple Threat can happen) being called for just himself or with somepony, this time calling him to the dragon lands to solve a friendship problem.

    And of course that problem being Garble.

    I feel as though we could possibly learn more about Garble like taking a look into his past, maybe seeing why he’s not too big into ponies and other events that caused him to be the dragon he is today.

    You can have the friendship lesson be that having good friends around can help how you act towards other.

    Another thing is that the map could call both Spike and Twilight, Spike obviously to try to make friends with Garble and Twilight to help along the way. We could get a bonus Spike/Twilight bonding moment along with it.

    MLP Friendships vs. Real Friendships
    By: ShroomsFilmsBonus

    Friendship is very scared to me, believe it or not, which is how I got into this show in the first place! I know the friendship in this show feels unrealistic in some places, but don't we wish we had friendship like that? Growing up, I didn't have many friends, mainly because of my autism which made me different from everyone else. I wasn't bullied because I was pretty clueless back then, but I was alone, and it didn't feel right at all. I lost friends because of simple mistakes, or because they just thought I was simply annoying.

    Seeing this show, I want friends like those in the Mane Six! I mean I do now to a respect, but it wasn't always like that. It's so easy to reform a villain in the show and start a new friendship! And as judged by season 2's episode A Friend in Deed, turns out you can be friends with anybody you want in Equestria! The only ones you can't be friends with are villains. Unless there's that, there's so such word as "no" in friendship. I want that in this world, and we can make it that way! I think that's what Meghan was trying to tell us when she said villains aren't evil, they're just broken. She wants us to make the friendships in the show a reality! Can we at least try to do that?

    MLP movie as a cult classic
    By: Alec

    As many of us know, the MLP movie got a lot of mixed reception from critics. Even a lot of fans of the show seem to be unsure how to feel about it.

    But think of films like All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Goofy Movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Treasure Planet. All of those films got mixed reception just like the MLP movie when they were first released. Then a decade passed, and now they have HUGE fan followings consisting of people who watched them as kids.

    How do we know the same won't happen with the MLP movie? A lot of kids saw it in theaters, and even more will probably watch it with its DVD release. They'll grow up with it, have a lot of strong nostalgia for it, and will probably even show it to THEIR kids as well. I mean, the film has so much creativity and passion thrown into it, just as much as the above films, how can it NOT gain a cult following?

    Sunset and Sunburst: Brother and Sister?
    Credit: QuestionSeeker

    Might just be me pulling from the fact that they have the same color scheme, general cutie mark motif, magical frustrations, and names, but I think it’d be cute to have Sunset and Sunburst to turn out to be brother and sister. Would add a neat new layer to both characters. Sunburst left magic school because he felt overwhelmed and dissatisfied, and openly tells Starlight that he may have stayed if he had someone there to help him. Clearly he didn’t have many friends besides Starlight, so how cool would it be to know that Sunburst saw Starlight as kind of a replacement to his missing sister? How much more tragic would it be to know that a part of that was the fact that he had to measure up to Sunset “Personal Pupil to Princess Celestia” Shimmer? How awesome would it be to see him and his family react to her seemingly disappearing? It’d be a great look into Sunset’s life as well. How cool would it be to have her confront the fact that because of who she was before her reformation, she hurt someone in a way that could never be fixed? Someone she can never get that time with back? Someone that needed who she is now?

    Again, most of this is just headcanons and based on VERY little evidence, but I think it’d be a neat way to explore two characters for the price of one story. There are a good chunk of us that don’t have the best bonds with our siblings, so exploring this and showing that it’s never too late to try again would be fantastic.

    Also, you could have a neat little scene where Sunburst was the little brother, but because of portal shenanigans, Sunset is now younger than him and she feels inadequate about it. I dunno, I think it’d be cute.

    Don't panic about G5
    By: Matthew

    I've been seeing that many fans have been panicking about this rumoured G5, I'm here to say you don't need to. This G5 is nothing but a rumour, nothing more. Nothing was confirmed by Hasbro or Show staff, making these rumours and predictions meaningless. Ask yourself this, where did the one who started this get the information from? Everyone is taking the word of a fan that's sprouting rumours with no proof behind them.
    I know there was supposedly leaked art-work about G5, but how do we know its not just early art work? Or just fan-made? Think this way. The FIM franchise is Hasbro's best work, why end it and reboot it? They once said "As long as the sales continue, so will the Show."

    All and all, just keep all this in mind. Don't panic about G5 until we have full solid-rock proof. Right now, G5 is just a meaningless rumour, nothing more, and it should be treated as such until further notice. Thank you for your attention and stay Brony.

    Thorax, I am your father.

    Time for some crazy conspiracy theories. Who is on board with me? Season 2 showed that Chrysalis shared some private time with Shining Armor but the question is...for how long did she actually impersonate Cadence? Ppl could assume it was just for the wedding period but what if that is not the case? What if Chrysalis met Shining many years before for the first time and since then she took the place of Cadence whenever the real Cadence was not around? Where i am trying to get at is that Shining Armor could have been a "bad boy" and never waited for marriage to do the kinky stuff with disguised Chrisy. In that case wouldn't it be really funny if all the changelings were Shining Armor's children? It makes sense from the perspective of why Chrysalis was so powerful at the wedding and it also makes sense from the perspective of why they were able to change to good so easy in season 7. And so the young padawan that was Thorax wasn't an exception to the rule but the rule itself that was inevitably coming. Get it? Because he is the ruler....nevermind.

    The geopolitics of Equestria
    By: Osama

    After 7 seasons of mlp we have the different lands of equestria, what I would like to understand is how, if equestria is a functioning sovereign state, does its politics work? I know this sounds like the most boring subject to ever be brought up in the soapbox, but think about it, this could affect the legitimacy of the princesses, the downfall of equestria, wars and important issues that plague equestria. For example is equestria a dictatorship? Although everyone hates the episode princess spike, but it does show that their is some kind of democratic government, whether it is a puppet democracy or not, also we only see how well respected Celestia and Luna are in ponyville, what about in other cities, are they corrupt rulers? Are ponies demanding their overthrowal?

    This doesn't even begin to answer the headaches of foreign policy, is equestria a superpower like the United States? Or are they a third world country with chronic impoverishment? Although sounds unlikely we only see specific parts of equestria. Although the show will probably never address this on this complex level, it would be interesting to see on a more basic level.
    Pony out,