• Brony Play "Antelope Party" Currently Under Way, Plus Coupon Code

    It feels like ages ago that we first posted the announcement of this one up, but it has finally arrived. The brony and politics hybrid play "Antelope Party" has started showing over in Chicago. Here is the description:

    The Rust Belt Ponies Meet Up Group for Adult Fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has gathered in Ben's apartment, but two of their company have not yet arrived. A new recruit seems unusually shy and curiously paranoid about a local neighborhood watch group. And where is their Pegasister friend, Maggie?

    Eric Meyer's amazing and timely new comedy explores the rise of a new social order and how the currents of history, normalization and fear can sweep up even the most generous bronies of Equestria...

    In the midst of increasing violence and authoritarianism, how can our heroes see the Magic in Everypony? And, even worse, what if they do?

    They sent over a 15% Coupon code usable until February if you want to view it. Just slap EQDAILY in at checkout over here.

    You can find more pictures of the play below.