• BABScon Announces Nicole Dubuc - Season 8 Co-Executive Producer

    BABSCon has scooped up Friendship is Magic writer, and no co-executive producer Nicole Dubuc for their ever-growing cast of show staffers. With all that season 8 hype goin down, it's going to be a good time to meet her!

    Head on down below to read about it!

    San Francisco, January 27, 2018: Wow, we couldn’t have timed this much better if we’d tried. It feels great to be able to announce that the seven-time Emmy nominee recently proclaimed by Equestria Daily’s readers as the fandom’s favorite new writer from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 7, Nicole Dubuc, is our next Guest of Honor for BABSCon 2018.

    In addition to writing that exciting Season 7 finale, Nicole is the incoming co-Story Editor and co-Executive Producer for Season 8, and half of the writing team behind the Penumbra Quill MLP chapter books with another of our favorite people, Mike Vogel.

    But there’s more than just pastel ponies to this talented writer and animated showrunner! Nicole was the showrunner/writer on Transformers: Rescue Bots, story editor/writer on Miles From Tomorrowland, and has written for so many of our favorite shows, including but not limited to, Young Justice (“Hello, Megan!”), Kim Possible, Star Wars: Rebels, Transformers Prime, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Dragon Tales. She’s also been a voice actor on several of her shows, and starred on-camera in her youth on Major Dad and Our House, with a guest shot on Alf. The lady’s got range, are we right?

    Nicole joins our previously-announced Guests of Honor John de Lancie, Kelly Sheridan, Trevor Devall, Bill Newton, Amy Keating Rogers, Christina Rice, and Heather Breckel. Don’t touch that dial, though, because we have even more amazing guests waiting to be announced.

    So, register now for BABSCon, and don’t forget to book your room before the block is full. And, all you aspiring voice actors out there, show us what you’ve got by auditioning for The Voice: Equestria before entries close on February 28!