• Two 44 Minute Equestria Girls Specials Confirmed for 2018

    Two 44 Minute Equestria Girls Shorts and Three 22 Minute Specials Confirmed for 2018

    Hasbro Studios has dropped their Sales Guide showing off plans for future and current runs of their major brands. Equestria Girls and Friendship is Magic both make a showing, with EG actually pointing out some extra stuff over the four movies and three shorts we have had so far.

    On their list are two 44 minute specials. This could be the holiday specials rumored earlier in the month for Friendship is Magic (also 44 minutes) considering a lot of information wasn't finalized or perfected, but I'm personally hoping for some pure pony to go along with these now confirmed ones!

    Thanks to Paganmuffin for the heads up.
    From Hasbro Studios.