• Legends of Equestria Drops a Holiday Update - New Cosmetics, Quests, and More!

    The 3D Pony MMORPG Legends of Equestria has released a holiday update yo celebrate the season. Outside of the snow Ponydale you see above, new merchants can be found in the Crystal Kingdom that celebrate Christmas themed boots for your pony to wear, and quests have been added.

    Head on down below the break for screenshots and the full patch notes!

    • Added quest Dashing Through the Snow
    • Added quest Trouble Stoppers
    • Fixed issues with Brass Tax
    • Fixed issues with Rehearsal Roundup
    • Fixed issues with A Book Too Far
    • Fixed issues with Letter of the Law
    • Fixed issues with Eye Sore


    • Added Ice Skates
    • Added Enchanted Ice Skates
    • Added Reindeer costume (Reindeer Antlers, Reindeer Nose)
    • Added holiday items (Holiday Tree Hat, Stocking Cap, Joyous Beard)
    • Fixed Batpony Wings coloring issue
    • Fixed issues with positioning on several wearable items (e,g, sunglasses, bat teeth, torch, bucket, lantern, pencil), especially on foal models


    • Winterized Ponydale -- snow textures, ice on river, snow particles
    • Added holiday trees and presents in Cantermore, Ponydale, and Cloudopolis
    • Snowing particles around holiday trees in Cantermore, Ponydale, and Cloudopolis
    • Added sliding on ice
    • Fixed issues with Wanda and Vogue not talking in some dialogue scenes
    • Fixed crafting interface to enable exiting from interface (note: not yet finalised & available fully in-game)
    • Crafting panel locks movement until exit from interface (note: not yet finalised & available fully in-game)
    • Train Station signs now activate from either left or right clicks
    • Reworked chat filter to reduce number of false positives
    • Cushions are now easier to sit on
    • Glasses position fixed for Stallion, Colt, and Filly
    • Whisper option in Chat updated. Available in right-click menu in chatbox
    • Model misalignment on pegasus takeoff fixed
    • Fix overhead text being rendered behind manes and tails

    Download the game over here!