• Community Soapbox #61 - Pear Family Reunion, Pony Priveledge, and Villainy!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Friendship Through Villainy
    • Are ponies way too privledged?
    • Shadow Play's disservice to the Tree
    • Pear Family Reunion? Will we get that in future seasons
    • Was "Secrets and Pies" Several Years Too Late?

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    Friendship Through Villainy
    By: Light-of-Dusk

    The redemption of villains in My Little Pony (MLP) has become a recurring theme. One need only turn to the examples of Nightmare Moon, Trixie, Discord and Starlight Glimmer for villains who have been redeemed.

    Redemption can be seen to be a form of enlightenment.

    In Hindu lore, there are multiple ways to reach enlightenment. One of the ways relates to achieving enlightenment through vanquishment at the hands of “God” or a godlike figure. An example of a villain who obtained enlightenment is Ravana who was defeated by Shri Ram in the Ramayana.

    The premise is that one deliberately strays from the path of righteousness and, in doing so, attracts the attention of a “God” or godlike figure. This figure then defeats the villain, granting him/her enlightenment.

    Parallels can be drawn between this lore and MLP. The Main Six fulfill the roles of the godlike figures in that they triumph over villainy. The difference is that enlightenment of the villain doesn't involve death but is usually accompanied by redemption (with some exceptions).

    One could, therefore, rationalize that villainy in MLP is, mostly, a plea for friendship that is then realized through enlightenment/redemption by the Main Six.

    Are ponies way too privledged?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    This has been concerning me for a long time, and its really ever addressed in the movie. Throughout many years in the show, we’ve seen impoverished cities of Griffons, Yaks living in harsh conditions, Dragons living in less then stellar conditions, and in the movie, a city that is also impoverished. Tempest makes a good point in that the ponies have all this power- can raise the sun and moon, control the weather, build barns (and houses) in a few hours, can stop time and buck up timelines, and use their money and resources on frivolous parties on a daily basis, yet they’re not using their talents to help anyone outside of Equestria. They care only for themselves, and think that the other species can be fine without their help- only intervening when it comes to a “friendship problem”. This is greatly concerning and really eye-opening when everyone else is living in squalor compared to the ponies.

    Shadow Play's disservice to the Tree
    By Hoploo

    Shadow Play's explanation of the Tree was a plague. I could just say that it was disappointingly simple, previous episodes leading us to believe of a fantastically interesting cosmological chronicle of the crystal tree harnessing one of the most important elements of the show's lore, pun unintended, turned out to be a tale of which can be described in merely a sentence.

    But no, I would rather continue on to say that this backstory paints the Mane 6, of which have been known and loved for years, as such would be for the main characters of a show, as hijackers from those whom have actually earned and created their elements as opposed to being ones who have harnessed the power that of which reflects their own self virtues.

    Think about it, the pillars have each done deeds and built themselves to create an extreme source of magic of which can banish and heal various forms of evil, the Mane 6 have done nothing more than harness such a power.

    I've many other issues with Shadow Play, but this was the tipping point for me. Complain about sirens all you want, this is where the show's lore really falters.

    Pear Family Reunion? Will we get that in future seasons
    By ShadowWriter45

    Thanks to the events of the Perfect Pear, one of the best episodes of season 7 in my opinion, we not only know about Apple siblings birth parents, Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter/Buttercup, but also their Pear family roots thanks to Apple Bloom meeting Grand Pear, and learning about their parents love story from Burnt Oak, Mrs. Cake, and Mayor Mare. Thanks to these events, is it possible that we will be getting a Pear Family Reunion episode in season 8 or season 9. We know that Grand Pear disowned his daughter out of anger, but what about the rest of the Pear Family. We don’t know how any of them felt about this. While it is possible that they agreed with his actions since she fell in love with an Apple, it is also possible that some of the Pears did not agree with Grand Pear’s actions and cut him out of their lives; either way, the Pear Family more than likely divided over this. Now that the siblings know that they are part Pear, will they meet more Pear family members?

    Was "Secrets and Pies" Several Years Too Late?
    By: Chad

    Despite receiving mixed to positive reception by the fandom, a thought occurred to me about the placement of this episode being in Season 7 due to its story. Given how mature these past few seasons have become in terms of storytelling and morals, what happened in this episode, to put it in simple terms, felt out of place to me.

    I do get the humor and enjoy the creativity that was put into the episode as a whole and the mystery aspect to it is pretty interesting, but the episode does suffer from one major flaw in my eyes, and that's Rainbow Dash's portrayal. She comes off as a dishonest jerk throughout most of the episode who has been secretly lying to Pinkie for years about what she thought of her pies and does everything in her power to keep her from finding out the truth despite the two being best friends.

    Had this episode been in an earlier season of the show, preferably in Season 2, 3, or 4, I think the story would've fit a lot better in my opinion.