• Bronies For Good: Seeds Of Kindness - A Healing Touch Released!

    Bronies For Good's latest charity album A Healing Touch, featuring a lovely collection of music from artists such as Sprocket, SDreamExplorerS, RoomVR and NeverLastStanding, is now out and released for listening, just as soon as you donate some money towards their charity of choice - Against Malaria! Check out the full release info below the break!

    On Saturday, we released our eighth charity album, Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch, and in just a few days raised $918.

    Now we’re pushing for the big 1k. Even if you missed our online release party at PonyvilleFM, you can still support a great cause, and get your hooves on some stellar music.

    The Music

    With 12 songs spanning various genres, A Healing Touch is the culmination of the united efforts of many talented musicians working in hopes of making the world a better place.
    When you donate to Seeds of Kindness you can download not only A Healing Touch, but all eight of Bronies for Good’s previous albums, plus two entire albums from Le Soldat Pony!

    The Theme
    This year, the theme of the album is healing.
    It's a tumultuous period in human history that we live in. In these hard times, we could all use a little bit of healing.
    While there may not be any easy answers to our troubles or to the world’s, we can still reach out and extend a healing touch to those who need it most.
    That’s what Seeds of Kindness is all about – lending a helping hand by connecting the fandom with charitable organizations that make every penny count.

    The Cause
    Bronies for Good is currently raising money for the Against Malaria Foundation, which is ranked as one of the most effective charities in the world. They have a strong track record and a commitment to efficiency, program monitoring, and transparency.
    Over 200 million people contract malaria every year, and many who survive are locked in poverty due to expensive treatments. It is a permanent catastrophe. It is also easily preventable.

    As malaria-infected mosquitoes mostly bite at night, it can be prevented with cheap, long-lasting insecticidal nets. As little as $3 buys a net that will protect two people for three to four years and contribute to the permanent elimination of the disease. The efficiency of this form of intervention has been thoroughly proven.

    “Every little bit counts,” has become something of a cliche phrase in fundraising, but when it comes to the Against Malaria Foundation, even a small donation can make a very, very big difference in someone’s life.