• Bonus Music #108

    Bonus music time again. This time we've got some lofi, drum & bass, techno, future bass, rock and orchestral - a bit of everything! Give it all a listen below the break!

    [1] Vylet Pony - Every Little Thing She Does
    Vocal - Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    A lovely little lo-fi tune full of vibes, as well as some nice show samples and vocals towards the end.

    [2] AcoustiMandoBrony - Loyalty (Rockin'Brony Cover)
    Vocal - Rock
    A faithful re-creation of Loyalty featuring a strong rock instrumental and some great vocals. 

    [3] Hay Tea - Tightrope
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    A fast-paced D&B tune with some fun sampling and a speedy atmosphere. 

    [4] Dynamite Grizzly - Little Moon Devil (SN Style Mix)
    Instrumental - Techno
    A funky techno tune full of oldschool sounds and clever sampling. 

    [5] MC-Arch - Feathers. (Keep you high)
    Vocal - Hip-Hop/Electronic
    A catchy tune that features a mixture of electro-pop vocal sections and some more rap-style hip-hop verses.

    [6] CroVa - Amethyst
    Instrumental - Future Bass
    A vibe-y future bass tune that starts off with a nice groove before going into a heavy chord section.

    [7] One Track Mind - Sunless Days
    Instrumental - Drumstep
    A crazy track that goes from somewhat of an orchestral soundscape to some aggressive noise-y wubs, that speed up a bit more towards the end. 

    [8] LDinos - Incentive
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A contemplative orchestral tune driven by a consistent piano melody, and some nice use of other elements. 

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