• Bonus Music #104

    Bonus music again! This time we have some upbeat house, a bunch of wubs, some trance and a bit of orchestral too. Check it all out below!

    [1] Redstone Brony - Different World
    Instrumental - Melodic Dubstep
    An uplifting melodic dubstep tune with strong chords and nice use of arps in the break.

    [2] fractilx - Stray Memory
    Instrumental - Trance
    An energetic trance tune with all the signature sounds fractilx brings to his productions and some great composition.

    [3] Ponyphonic - Lullaby For A Princess (Tempest Shadow Re-orchestration)
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A nice re-imagining of the instrumental behind Ponyphonic's classic piece, with some nice use of harpsichord especially. 

    [4] N. Hollow - Take A Step Back
    Vocal - Trap/Hip Hop (Warning: Mature Language)
    Some impressive rapping on a gritty trap instrumental, with pretty interesting lyricism throughout. 

    [5] DRO!D - Preset Bronies
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    Some heavy wubs with some good use of some classic Fluttershy vocal samples throughout. 

    [6] Inkwel - Manic Laughter
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    More wubs, this time focused on Pinkie Pie with an arpeggiated intro building into an aggressive drop. 

    [7] Dj Shadow Music - Jigsaw
    Instrumental - Hybrid Trap
    A banging trap tune with big horns, aggressive lead synthwork and some solid composition. 

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