• Youtube Nuking All Channels with "New Lunar" In Video Names

    Youtube has once again edited their all-encompassing algorithm with  a new update that terminates any channel with a video titled "New Lunar". Apparently there was a large underground group over there uploading pornographic videos and using "New Lunar" as a code word for people searching for them. I guess the armada of Youtube clone style sites weren't enough for them?

    Unfortunately, it's a pretty common phrase in early brony music, as the New Lunar Republic was a pretty big trope back then. This has resulted in many channels being terminated by accident.

    Over on the product forums, Google is asking people to submit an appeal to re-instate peoples channels that were effected by this. Hopefully they will fix it up without any issues.

    Thanks to Squeaky, Miak, Daniel, and everyone else for sending it.