• Story: Corrigenda (Update Complete!)

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]

    Author: Jay Bear

    At night, Fluttershy dreams only of monsters. Under the moon’s unerring glow, she fights her way through their endless gauntlets, aided by a legion of unimaginable friends, to rescue the ponies imprisoned at their core. Each dream is different, but every one ends the same: her standing before the final, most terrifying monster, alone and hopeless.

    When the sun is up, Fluttershy is like any other pony. She spends time with her best friend Rainbow Dash, trains for war, and follows the latest reports of missing fillies and colts. By day, everything is perfectly normal.
    And all wrong.
    Corrigenda (New Part 13-14!)

    Additional Tags: Witches are in Equestria