• Ponies At Dawn: Rebirth Open For Submissions + Anthology CDs Still Available!

    Ponies At Dawn's next fandom music compilation album, Rebirth, is now open for submissions! If you want to submit a new track for it, the due date for the album is February 9th 2018, and there's a whole bunch more information here, or below the break. Additionally, there are still a bunch of physical CD copies of the previous Ponies At Dawn album, Anthology (shown above), featuring 3 discs of awesome content available here. Otherwise, check out all the Rebirth album info below!

    Ponies at Dawn have put together a dozen albums over the years, and we’re keen to add to that number with this next release. We believe that we can continue to make our releases bigger, better and more exciting, but for that we need your help! We’re happy to announce that we’re opening submissions for our next big community album - Rebirth.

    The warlike feel of Guardians. The victorious nature of Anthology. War can be glorified but it can have its side effects too. To rebuild, to renew, to flourish once again there must be a rebirth. Symbolised by the phoenix, we feel like this is a great opportunity to showcase what you can do to the community, and we hope you’ll join us in this endeavor. The theme for this album can be interpreted however you’d like, however it’s certainly a great chance to try something new and interesting!

    As with most of our albums, the money made from donations on BandCamp will go towards the artists who make it onto the album, as thanks for the hard work put in to make the album a reality. The album will be under the ‘pay what you want’ model, so that those who don’t wish to pay for it don’t have to. We believe that the most important part of these albums is getting artists’ music out to as many different listeners as possible.

    Submissions Form: https://goo.gl/4tymER

    More information on the album can be found here: https://goo.gl/2dAfiP

    Submissions Due: February 9th (contact us if you need a couple of days’ extension)

    Release Date: Late February or early March

    Thanks, The Ponies at Dawn Team