• Filly Fantasy 2.0 Released!

    Been meaning to get this posted for awhile now! Filly Fantasy 6, the ponified full conversion of the classic game Final Fantasy 6, has recently released version 2.0!

    Check on after the break for a new trailer and a list of changes for this new version.

    Filly Fantasy VI 2.0 has released! This release sees the following changes

    - Apple Bloom replaces Maud as a playable character with a new recruitment event in the World of Ruin.
    - Rebalanced enemies. Elemental and status affinities are more prominent. Numerous bosses have been overhauled.
    - Esper level bonuses are removed. Spell distribution through Espers is rebalanced.
    - New Lore abilities for Rarity and Party abilities for Pinkie.
    - New Desperation Attacks.
    - Rebalanced equipment pieces, including several new ones. Locations of some rare items is changed.
    - Some story and graphic updates.

    Twitter: Calpain