• Everfree Northwest is Announcing Two More VIP Guests Who Really Rock!

    EFNW is ready to annouce two more VIP guests tonight as they happily invite Ryan Beil and Ingrid Nilson to next year's big event!

    Get the full details after the break!

    The excitement never ends as we look forward to Everfree Northwest 2018!  Hold onto your horseshoes because the VIP guest list for Everfree Northwest 2018 is growing yet!  We hope you will be as excited as we are to welcome Ryan Beil and Ingrid Nilson to be a part of our Everfree Family!

    Ryan Beil is a Jessie Award winning, classically trained actor/comedian/producer/many hat wearer.

    Some recent film credits include recurring roles on Mech-X4 and iZombie as well as ton of guest starring roles on shows such as X-Files (FOX), The Magicians (CW), Some Assembly Required & Mr. Young (YTV). He recently won Best Actor in a Web Series for his work in Everyone's Famous (directed by Andrew Bush) at the Hollyweb Fest.

    Some recent theatre credits: Angels In America (Arts Club), The Odd Couple (Main Street Theatre), Comedy of Errors (Bard on the Beach), Billy Bishop Goes to War (Arts Club), and an improvised one-act play Skin and Lungs (The Globe Theatre).

    As far as improv is concerned, Ryan is a founding member of the Canadian Comedy Award winning troupe The Sunday Service, co-hosts Talent Time, and teaches with Blind Tiger Comedy. He has performed in Berlin, Edmonton, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, Bellingham, Portland, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Fargo, and more that he can't remember right now.

    Ryan Beil is a Cubbies fan and if you want to talk fantasy baseball he has some pretty great prospects he will never reveal.  Ask him about dogs!


    Ingrid is grateful for the opportunity to do what she loves, and especially when it contributes to the happiness of others.

    Some favourite voice roles include Maud Pie and two other pie sisters on MLP: Friendship Is Magic; Jade the cat, in the upcoming Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own (watch for its 2018 release on Netflix!!!), Raspberry Torte in four seasons of Strawberry Shortcake and fun characters in various Barbie Movies.

    Ingrid is in the process of releasing her first original music EP under her birth name, Tempest Jade. Check her first single, Have It All on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/tempestjade/have-it-all

    In Vancouver, BC, where she lives, you can often find Ingrid in the nearby mountains hiking with her dog, Salsa; trying out weird new voices and standing on her head.

    Find Ingrid on Twitter and Instagram: @iamingridnilson

    She thanks everyone in the MLP community for your ongoing support.

    Check the bios of our entire guest list so far at
    http://everfreenw.com/guests, and as always stay tuned to our social
    media outlets for more exciting updates!

    Guest art credit: KellytheDrawingUnicorn

    Twitter: Calpain