• Equestria Girls Shorts Trailer and Full "Equestria Girls Forever" Song Released

    With the official Equestria Girls Shorts now making their way to Hasbro's Youtube channel, a few things have been released in conjunction with them. First off, we have a trailer for the series as a whole. It covers a bit of what we've already seen from Discovery Family Go, along with some scenes from upcoming ones. Considering we have a whopping year of these every weekend, it barely scratched the surface. There are 45 episodes in total.

    Along with that, we have a super high quality "Equestria Girls Forever" song, in full pop-music level glory. This is in partnership with a Youtube singer named Angelic, and will include a music video on the 24th of November.

    And finally, the first episode was uploaded earlier today. You may have already seen it on Discovery Family's app, but why not toss it a view to show we want this sort of thing?

    Anyway, get all three below.

    Thanks to RarityMLP and Elicitie for the heads up.