• Bonus Music #95

    Bat pones present: More bonus music. Now with 20% less Eee but 30% More skree.

    Get it below.

    [1] Source

    Radial Rainbow - Razzle Dazzle by Radial Rainbow

    Instrumental - Metal

    [2] Source

    Let's go to Ponyville! - Crusader! by Crusader!

    Vocal - Punk Rock

    [3] Source

    The Gilded Age (Fallout Day 2017) - The Balefire Symphony by EAST Corp Productions

    Vocal - Orchestral

    [4] Source

    Adventure of the Lunarbolts | Might of the Lunarbolts by Wind Wolf

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source

    RoyalPony- A Royal Decree by royalpony5300

    Instrumental - Hardstyle

    [6] Source

    MC-Arch - She's Real To Me. (Dreams CAN come True!) by MC- Arch

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    [7] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Anima by OfficialPonytronic

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    [8] Source

    EVERFREE by PreyMusic Official

    Instrumental - Trap

    [9] Source

    Dj Shadow Music - Since The Very Start by Dj Shadow Music Official

    Instrumental - House

    [10] Source

    Game Over (Original mix) by Light Assassin

    Instrumental - Complextro

    [11] Source

    Night Blaze - Princess Platinum ballad [Full Instrumental version] by xxxFreelancerxxx

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [12] Source

    The Day's End by MirroredReality

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [13] Source

    The Cosine Pitchshifterz | Equestria Girls by Cosine Pitchshifterz Official

    Vocal - Psystyle

    [14] Source

    Blank Flank Forever (Cyan Lightning Remix) by Cyan Lightning

    Vocal - Electronic

    [15] Source

    Game-BeatX14 - Vinyl's Club by Game-BeatX14

    Instrumental - Electro

    [16] Source

    Lunar Grace (halloween-ish special) by pegasynth elstrohea

    Instrumental - Ambient