• Bonus Music #103

    Bonus music time! This round we've got a house-y remix of a show song, some other more chilled out stuff, a few tracks that go hard and an orchestral cover of a song from the movie. Check it all out below!

    [1] Daniel Ingram - Best Friends Until The End Of Time (iblank2apples Remix)
    Vocal - Future House
    A cute and bouncy remix of Best Friends that focuses on some curvy bass sounds and a happy pluck that carries the lead melody.

    [2] One Track Mind - Falling Apart
    Vocal - Moombahcore
    Reminiscent of some of the electro pop that used to come out years ago, One Track Mind's vocals complement an energetic moombah-y instrumental with chiptune elements galore. 

    [3] TPressleyJ - Shockwave (Animatronic Pony & Nevermourn Remix)
    Instrumental - Electro
    A heavy electro remix of Pressley's hybrid trap original, a strong main lead sound and some strong interspersed sounds make for a solid reimagining of the original. 

    [4] Daniel Ingram - Open Up Your Eyes (The Balefire Symphony Cover)
    Vocal - Orchestral
    With solid vocals from Skybolt, James Kelly has supplemented them with an expressive orchestral instrumental. 

    [5] DJRedSkY - Forever In My Heart
    Instrumental - House/Synthwave
    A soft vibe-y tune featuring some lovely subtle rolling bass along some gorgeous lead synths throughout. 

    [6] Nicolas Dominique - Morgenregen
    Instumental - Chillout
    More chillout from Nicolas' upcoming album, the pads and plucks give it a lovely morning-time vibe. 

    [7] Cosine Pitchshifterz - Welcome To The Herd (feat. BriLizyT)
    Vocal - Hardstyle
    An uplifting rawstyle anthem featuring some inspirational vocals from BriLizyT, this track goes hard but is nonetheless quite euphoric at times. 

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