• SeaBronies announces NICOLE OLIVER, sponsor tiers!

    SeaBronies are back once again with a special announcement! The Princess of the Sun herself will be joining attendees for a cruise next May as they happily announce the attendance of Nicole Oliver.

    Not only that but they have some information on their sponsor tiers for those of you wishing to cruise the seas in style.

    Get it all after the break!

    SeaBronies is delighted to announce a truly “stellar” VIP guest for our upcoming cruise from Vancouver in May: Ms. Nicole OliverThat’s right— last time we partied with Peter New and Jenn Blake; this time, we’ll soirée with the voice of the Princess of the Sun herself! (Not to mention everypony’s favorite teacher, Cheerilee!)

    To help make ends meet, SeaBronies has opened up four exciting new sponsor tiers which grant exclusive benefits such as a sponsors-only panel with Nicole Oliver, sponsors-only rare swag, and even (at the higher tiers) swanky VIP dinners and cocktail parties with the voice of Celestia herself! Can't make the cruise, but still want to help (and want that swag)? That's okay; you can still sponsor us, and we'll substitute $40 in store credit for your $40 cruise dues!

    The cruise departs Friday, May 25, 2018 from lovely Vancouver, BC, Canada, home of the amazing staff that makes MLP:FiM possible (and yes, we are trying to arrange some special events in town before we weigh anchor)! After an amazing 7-night voyage including stops in picturesque Alaskan ports and a cruise-by of the majestic Hubbard Glacier, we’ll arrive in Seward, Alaska, a bus ride away from Anchorage’s international airport (and your ride home, wherever you’re from)!

    Just like last time, this Expedition was far-and-away the favorite in this year’s poll. Apparently, everyone loves Alaska-- and why not? It’s truly stunning. Our experienced staff (including the founders of both BronyCon and BABSCon, and veteran cruisers with over 50 cruises worth of cumulative experience) has traveled similar itineraries before, and this is truly set to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    We look forward to making this the most amazing brony cruise ever, and hope to see you RSVPing soon! If you can't make it, consider becoming a sponsor, and definitely be sure to follow our Twitter— we have some fantastic new merch coming soon!

    Nicole Oliver is an actress of grand stature. In addition to her work as Princess Celestia, Miss Cheerilee, and Tree Hugger on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she’s lent her voice to a plethora of beloved characters, including Zoe Trent in Littlest Pet Shop, Molly McGrath in Max Steel, and Shahrzad from 1001 Nights. She’s also appeared on-screen in Seed, Supernatural, and The Falling, among others.

    On Slice Networks’ Crash Test Mommy, she served as Director, Producer, and Host as she helped 52 mothers garner well-deserved recognition and relaxation…awfully fitting when you consider her motherly disposition! Possessing a heart of gold, with wit and charm for the ages, Nicole will bring an air of royalty and elegance to this fantastic voyage.

    SeaBronies, established in February 2015, is a meetup group that holds all of its events on commercially available cruises rather than in conventional meetup venues. Not a “brony cruise provider”, but rather a facilitator of brony meetups and events ON pre-existing cruises, SeaBronies aims to provide and curate fun experiences on cruises around the world for bronies, pegasisters and ponyfans. Well-traveled staffers bring to the table their expertise from over 50 individual cruises. All venues are voted on by open vote among registered members, and all VIP appearances are funded by merchandise sales and Patreon supporters. Founding chairs of SeaBronies include the founders of BronyCon and BABSCon. This will be SeaBronies's fourth group cruise and its third main Expedition.

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