• Pony Game "Starved For Light" Releases a Bunch of New Concept Art and General Info

    Way back in June, we posted about an upcoming pony platforming game called Starved for Light. Since then, the team has released a bunch of updates, including for awesome new concept art pieces and a complete revamp of the main character models.

    Head on down below the break for all of it!


    Grand redesign and a lot of concept art
    Due to a huge amount of feedback and new team member's fresh ideas, our game underwent many changes.
    Like a new design for the main characters.

    Patreon changes and Discord Server for everyone
    We've made a certain change based on the feedback.
    Right now, our discord server is available to everyone. http://starvedforlight.com/discord

    And in order to participate in DIscord LIVEs we hold, you only need to pledge 5$/month (as opposed to 25$/month like it used to be)

    We made this change to allow more people to interact with us.

    Our patreon: https://www.patreon.com/exiled

    Youtube mothly journals
    Ever since the announcement we make regular, monthly youtube videos which sum up our progress in the past month.
    We've already released 2 of them and the third one is on it's way.

    Looking for an Animator (!)
    We're in big need of animators. It's the only department where we lack people. And we haven't received many applications either.

    Our recruit page: http://starvedforlight.com/join-us