• My Little Pony Movie Box Office at 15 Million Domestic, 26 Worldwide (Updated)

    According to Box Office Mojo, as of yesterday, the My Little Pony Movie has hopped up to the 15 million mark in the states. This joins a healthy 10 million figure for foreign sales. Considering the budget and marketing didn't seem to be overly extravagant for Hasbro's first big pony break, it's not doing badly at all.

    A lot of factors will play into how successful Hasbro considers the movie to be. Luckily, a large chunk of their change comes from sales of toys and eventually the Blu-Ray once it drops. There is a reason why we have seen so many straight-to-dvd offerings coming out of the company. This sort of merchandise is an easy impulse purchase for a mom strolling through Target looking for something to keep her kids busy for a few hours.

    The movie remains in theaters for the near future, so we will get an update once the box office numbers have officially concluded. We don't have actual budgeting numbers outside of a few very unreliable leaks, but so far things look to be going well.

    Thanks to Christopher for the heads up.

    Update: BoxOfficeMojo corrected their foreign, saying that pony so far has only brought in $4 million or so in foreign markets. We'll have to wait to see how well the foreign markets have done unfortunately.