• M.A. Larson Explains "Fame and Misfortune" and Its "Attack" on Bronies

    Back when Fame and Misfortune first aired, there was a small faction of people that were miffed at how it seems to be an attack on the slightly more obsessed fans among us. The episode was meta as possible, and was obviously intended as a joke, but M.A. Larson was flooded with people on Twitter both angry and sorry that the creators of the show felt they were obnoxious.

    It turns out, there was a lot more to it than simply writing an episode. A video has popped up from a BronyCAN panel from a few months ago that stars Larson himself explaining how exactly this even happened. It turns out, he wasn't a fan of the premise at all going in, but was stuck writing it. He didn't like the idea of a bunch of background ponies we've loved for years acting like assholes and showing the less savory sides of the fandom, and knew right from the start that it would anger people and look like an attack.

    I'll let him do the explaining though! It's worth a listen.

    Head on over here for the video. The first ~12 minutes are all about Fame and Misfortune. The entire panel is really interesting though.

    Thanks to GAMALION LORD OF FIRE AND CINDERS for randomly finding it.