• Legends of Equestria Halloween Update adds BATS and More

    The team over at Legends of Equestria has released their next big update for Halloween, and one addition in particular is something a lot of us were begging for before launch... bats! Or at least a bat costume. Tiny fangs, webbed wings, and fluffy ears can be yours with the purchase of a bunch of Nightmare Night themed accessories added for the occasion.

    Head on down below the break for more screenshots and patch notes!

    Info page here!

    Patch Notes:

    • Added quest Sandwich Stall
    • Added quest Costume of the Night

    • Fixed quest Letter of the Law
    • Fixed issues with Mindless Violins
    • Fixed teleportation issues with Magic of Ordinary Neighs
    • Fixed bug with Special Star's Heroic Deed
    • Fixed bug with Foal Delivery Express
    • Fixed bug with Fission Mailed
    • Fixed bug with We'll Fix it in Post
    • Fixed bug with Birthday Wishes
    • Fixed bug with Worth Your While
    • Fixed bug with Safely Home
    • Fixed bug with Justice's Blind Eye (foal quest)
    • Now allows follow-up access to Eye Sore
    • Fixed quest-cross issues with Stoneshadow and Gypsum

    • Added "Other" section to skills tab in the book, which has Teleport, Ground Pound, and Bubble Barrage
    • Implemented Crafting framework (note: not yet finalised and fully functional for players)
    • Added cosmetic items (Batpony Wings/Ears/Fangs, Hag's Hat, Candy Cap, Bare Bones Bodysuit) - available from new NPC Ensemble, in Crystal Kingdom
    • Increased max number of ponies on account from 3 to 6

    • Several performance improvements related to the UI
    • Fixed issue where all players were causing triggers to fire, which lead to dialog seeming to advance without clicking next
    • Fixed music quality
    • Fixed bug where some mobs using colorization caused other objects spawned in the same frame to break.
    • Fixed players being able to invoke attack animations
    • Fixed players being able to spam emotes
    • Various VFX additions/modifications
    • Various map hole fixes