• EQD is Recruiting Volunteer Editorial Writers!

    It's that time of the year once again where we shift into a bit more editorial content while waiting for new episodes and seasonal stuff to keep us busy. We want to try something new this year though, and possibly recruit a few editorial writers. You've probably noticed it has been somewhat quiet on that front lately, primarily because our older staff are off busy with real life and family things.  Seven years of pony will do that to someone!

    So, lets get this going. Head on down below if you love writing and want to join up!

    Editorials here on EQD are pretty fluid. We cover a lot of topics in pony, with everything from the show itself to wild fandom events being fair game. Some things that might be worth exploring:

    • Exploration of sub fandoms within pony
    • Interviews with big name content creators
    • Well known fandom OC pony spotlights
    • Analysis of events in the show
    • Predictions for upcoming seasons
    • Top 10's 
    • Possible episode followups for season 8 when that rolls around. 
    • Pony history
    • Followups for old episodes
    • Debates
    • Merchandise reviews

    More topics are always welcome too! One of the more important things to bring along is the ability to think of a topic, as that can sometimes be the hardest part.

    We are toying with the idea of video stuff, and will gladly look at it if you want to go this route, but are primarily looking toward text based.


    • Good grasp on English writing. We don't have editors to fix up your work (You've probably noticed *cough*) . A few typos are fine, but for long form writing here we tend to be a bit more careful. A good grasp of sentence structure is especially important.
    • 1 Editorial a week. Obviously it's a volunteer position, so this is completely flexible and understandable if you need to skip a few. 
    • An open mind to criticism, especially at the beginning when you are adjusting.
    • A generally positive view of pony. We aren't looking for rant articles right now, though some criticism is always welcome. 
    • Ideas for editorials, since we won't always have a topic on hand! 
    • Don't get discouraged if your articles aren't super popular. 
    • Age 18+ required

    There will be a 1 month review period and a dedicated Discord chat. Being a social butterfly with everyone isn't required, but coordinating articles so people aren't writing on top of each other is. 

    There won't be any kind of contract, and you can leave at any time if you aren't having fun. At the end of the day, that's all most of us are here for is fun.

    To apply, send an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com with EDITORIAL WRITER as the subject line and an example of your writing. It can be a blog post somewhere, a soapbox article you've sent over, a specifically crafted piece for recruitment, or anything else that shows a few paragraphs of your skill. Preferably something that isn't super long.