• Community Soapbox #56 - Tempests Butt Symbol, Spike's Crush, Apes in Equestria, and More!

    Last week was the last of the lesbian horse soapboxes. Sorry all of you submitting them! We only wanted one from each side.

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Spike’s crush on Rarity is only Superficial
    • MLP Helps You Unleash your Inner Beauty!
    • Fish Is On the Menu
    • Apes in Equestria
    • The Curious Case of Tempest’s Cutie Mark

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Spike’s crush on Rarity is only Superficial
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Over the years, many fans have expressed a desire to see Spike’s crush driven forward, as it has been dragged on unnecessarily for far too long. But in reality, there’s nothing really to develop. Spike’s crush is merely superficial. In the first episode, he falls head over tail with her because of her looks. In “Cutie Pox”, when Applebloom throws her loop-de-hoop at Twilight, and it manages to style her name like Rarity’s, Spike’s there gushing over Twilight and her new style. When Spike crossed over into Equestria Girls, immediately upon learning that there’s a Rarity in that world, he gushes over her, in spite of her not being the same Rarity that’s in Ponyville. All of these are signs that point to Spike just being in love with Rarity’s image rather than her personality and character, and it doesn’t even have to be the same Rarity. There’s nothing to develop with this, because as far as Spike is concerned, Rarity is only eyecandy and nothing more.

    MLP Helps You Unleash your Inner Beauty!
    By: Booksmart

    After watching "It's Not The Mane Thing About You", and seeing Rarity gain back her self-confidence back and rejuvenating her damaged image into a spunky rock and roll mare look with a colorful Mohawk mane and tail, I was inspired to write this article ! Before and after the birth of MLP: FIM and Bronies, We 're truly self-conscious. But thanks to MLP:FIM, it doesn't matter what others think about ourselves, ; it what we think of ourselves! And if it one of many Things MLP has taught us is that beauty comes in many forms; intelligence, confidence, art empathy, virtues, talents, joy, kindness , faith, loyalty, creativity love and many more! MLP Also has a bunch of SUPER SEXY characters with many beautiful attributes that inspire and influence us : Twilight Sparkle , Rainbow Dash, Rarity,Applejack, Zecora ,Thunderlane,. Soarin, Princess Cadance, DJ PON-3, Cloudchaser, Countess Coloratura/Rara Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Songbird Serenade , Capper, Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist .. The list goes on! MLP inspires us to be creative in many ways:from cosplays, crafts, art work, music, and Ponysonas ! Express your story on how MLP made you beautiful. my Brony brothers and sisters! Now tell me; Who's a pretty pony/Brony? That's right! YOU ARE!

    Fish Is On the Menu
    By: Heather Kramer

    It has long been assumed that Equestrian ponies are strict herbavores mirroring ponies from Earth. But there has been some scattered speculation over the years they eat fish too since we have seen them fishing. Specifically we have seen Rarity's father fishing. A task that has no purpose if fish isn't an approved edible item.

    Recently we have had two more bits of independent evidence that Equestrian ponies don't have an issue eating fish if served it. Sunset Shimmer in the Equestria Girls franchise works a job that largely deals with cooked fish and more recently in the MLP movie we saw a pony with a cuttie mark that was obviously a can of tuna which seems to indicate she enjoys tuna.

    Any single one of these by themselves doesn't clearly indicate fish is part of their extended diet but taken together they do seem to indicate Equestrian ponies aren't strict herbavores.

    Apes in Equestria
    By: James

    Could there be chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans with the same level of intelligence as Equestrian ponies?

    This is not exactly a crossover between MLP and Planet of the Apes, but POTA is certainly an inspiration.

    What I envision is an autonomous city-state within Equestrian borders that is composed mostly of apes (chimps, gorillas, and orangutans) but with a substanial minority of ponies (mostly Earth ponies with a few unicorns and pegasi).

    The ape-dominated city-state, called Apeopolis, is nominally led by an elected mayor, but the real power is in the hands of a Council of Technocrats.

    The Technocrats run Apeopolis according to the laws of science and is mainly conposed of ape scientists, engineers, and technicians with the occasional pony Council member.

    Apes in Equestria are masters of mundane science and technology largely because they are unable to perform magic abd even have trouble comprehending it.

    Apes get along fairly well with Earth ponies, but are more hostile to pegasi and unicorns because they lack wings and magical powers. They are especially scared of Alicorns.

    The Curious Case of Tempest’s Cutie Mark
    By: Quiet Batpony

    So I’ve seen the MLP movie a few times now and I couldn’t help but notice we never saw Tempest’s Cutie Mark because of the armor she wears over her flank. This makes me wonder: What kind of Cutie Mark does Tempest have? Does she even have a Cutie Mark?

    Let’s think about this. We learn Tempest’s real name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist and we see a flashback during “Open Up Your Eyes” from when she was a filly. She clearly didn’t have her Cutie Mark in this flashback and we didn’t see it in the prequel comic either (I checked multiple times). Given what we know about Cutie Marks, they’re supposed to represent a pony’s special calling in life and by the end of the movie it’s fair to say that being the Storm King’s Commander wasn’t her true calling.

    Is it possible Tempest never got her Cutie Mark because of the path she went down? If she does have a Cutie Mark, what is it? Will we ever find out? What do you guys think?