• Community Soapbox #54 - Gaygenda in MLP, Swamp Fever, Fluttershy's Role

    We got a lot of soapboxes about the Scootaloo's Aunt thing last week,but only from the side of supporting it. Feel free to submit one arguing the other side. We are only going to take one of each so soapboxes don't turn into a battleground on this one specific topic.

    Expect these posts normally when not late every Tuesday at 2:00 PM PST. To submit your own, see this post.

    Note: These soapboxes do not at all reflect the ideas of EQD. They are an open forum for anyone to post whatever crazy theory they want.

    Headlines for the week:

      • It's Not a "Gaygenda" To add Lesbian Couples
      • A Health of Information: Swamp Fever Gets Even Darker
      • Could the Pie family be crystal ponies?
      • Why Fluttershy Should Have a Bigger Role
      • Starlight and Trixie in MLP: The Movie

      And get your soapboxes below!

      It's Not a "Gaygenda" To add Lesbian Couples to MLP
      By: Alissa

      The reaction to the news that Scootaloo has a lesbian aunt was surprising to me. One of my best friends has gay parents, and I grew up not even realizing that was controversial until middle school. My parents never made a note about it and no one at school even knew. It just wasn't a big deal.

      That's what bothers me most about the comments. People were up in arms shouting that it's pushing an agenda and that it's going to kill My Little Pony. Why? What damage can this possibly do? In the real world, there are lesbian couples with kids. It's not an "agenda", it's just reality. They aren't bad parents outside of a few bizarre cases, but straight couples can be terrible parents too.

      Some keep bringing up the bible, but if we followed the bible exactly society would be stuck in the dark ages. It's an outdated book, and this is coming from someone who was raised Christian. We regularly ignore concepts that don't fit into society anymore. The western world is moving past all of this. If you want to return to following 6000 year old religious texts exactly, go join a cult or move to the middle east, because I guarantee you are breaking 10 rules a day from your specific brand of religion.

      This entire thing is ridiculously blown out of proportion. It's a completely harmless concept that doesn't hurt anyone in any way unless they are a homophobe, and if you are, I really think you should figure out exactly why you hate these people.

      A Health of Information: Swamp Fever Gets Even Darker
      By: Nightmare Muffin

      While we found out from this episode that the Everfree Forest trees that transmit swamp fever wound up turning the infected victims into the same trees, this fatal disease gets a lot darker than most people know. Research is important, folks! Back in episode 2 of season 1, RD does mention rumors of the Everfree Forest and nopony knowing how it works “cause everypony whose ever come in has never come out!” This seems to come full circle, if we consider this episode and the possibilities of any pony coming into the forest being ripped apart by a manticore or changed into a poisonous tree upon discovering the swamp. But there’s another episode we need to take into consideration- “Secret of My Excess”. Bear in mind the fact that that horse doctor stated that he was a pediatrician back this episode, and in AHoI, Fluttershy took Zecora to him- a pediatrician. A pediatrician who seems to know the most about the disease, which implies that most of those ponies who turned into trees from the disease….were actually foals. Having once lived in the Everfree with Luna, Celestia would’ve known the effect of these trees, sat on the information and then after moving to Canterlot, knowingly gave the valley near this deadly forest to Earth pony settlers.

      Could the Pie family be crystal ponies?
      By: MegaSean45

      Remember when the Crystal Empire was enslaved by King Sombra, and then when the princesses defeated him, the empire went with him? What if some of the crystal ponies escaped before the empire disappeared? All their friends and relatives that traveled into the future not knowing where their escaped friends are!

      Since this a thousand years ago, anypony could be a descendant to a crystal refugee, and I think Pinkie's family might be one of them! Just look at the Pie family's hairstyles and compare them to a crystal pony! And you know how Pinkie's hair deflates when she's depressed like a crystal pony loses their sparkles? I mean there's just something about the Pie family that seems mysterious in this regard to me. Crystal ponies escaped the empire, made a rock farm since that's the closest thing to crystals they can find, and the Pie family can eat rocks like crystal ponies can eat crystals. Now that a thousand years went by, the Pie family should only be partially crystal pony now, if they are at all.

      What do you think? Were there any escaped crystal ponies, and if so, who could be a descendant?

      Why Fluttershy Should Have a Bigger Role
      By: Red Velvet

      Does anypony else notice that Fluttershy seems to have the smallest part in anything MLP? Everything from her episode appearances, to Equestria Girls, and now the movie, she always seems to have a tiny role when compared to the other mane 5. I feel like every time I watch MLP I say to myself "I just wish Fluttershy had a bigger role,", and because Fluttershy is my personal favorite, that makes it even more upsetting. I absolutely loved the scene in the movie when she comforts one of the Storm Kings minions but I felt like that was the biggest (and ONLY) standout scene she had in the entire movie! Now I know that Fluttershy is supposed to be shy and soft-spoken but wouldn't she be a little more talkative around her friends? She's been through so much with the mane 5 you would think she might start to open up a bit more. Like myself, when I first meet someone I'm lucky if I say anything more than "Hello", but after I get more comfortable around a particular person they can't get me to shut up (especially if they are into MLP!). I guess I would just like to see a little more emphasis on Fluttershy because I like her so much. Notice how Applejack has several episodes where she is the central character, and how she always seems to have something to say whether she's a pony or a teenage girl – I would like to see more episodes where Fluttershy has a pivotal role to play. She wouldn't have to be the main character, I would just like to see her interact more and perhaps give us bronies the chance to dive into her personality a bit deeper. And don't even get me started on her song appearances! While ALL the other mane 5 have at least one solo song, Fluttershy typically has one-liners and makes a prominent appearance in only two songs that I can think of!

      Starlight and Trixie in MLP: The Movie
      By: Western Meadow

      The trailer for "My Little Pony: The Movie," contains all you're going to see of Starlight Glimmer and Trixie in the movie. Hay, even Derpy and Bulk Biceps were in the movie more! Should this surprise us? Not really.
      Some have said that the movie felt like a season one episode: Twilight seemed bolder and less interested in friends, Fluttershy seemed too shy, Pinkie Pie seemed more like a "free spirit" than the fourth wall breaker we all love her as, Rarity was generous to a fault, and Applejack just kinda had to be there. Why hadn't the characters become more balanced, as we've seen in season seven? Two reasons: one, the movie was obviously written some time ago, but a simple animation of Starlight and Trixie could easily be added in relatively last-minute; and two, the movie had to be written with new audiences who didn't have a lot of background in mind.
      So, sorry Sethisto and other Starlight and Trixie fans—there isn't a lot of them in the movie. Maybe next time. I'm just happy Pinkie Pie was in the movie! :P