• Community Soapbox #51 - Scootaloo Parents, Star Trek, Dark Episodes, And More!

    Little late this week. I blame boxes of ponies for making me forget.

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    Note: These soapboxes do not at all reflect the ideas of EQD. They are an open forum for anyone to post whatever crazy theory they want.

    Headlines for the week:

    • Scoots' Parents' "High Demanding Jobs"
    • MLP Episode Inspired by Star Trek Franchise
    • Did an Episode Leak the Future of friendship?
    • "A Health of Information" is the Darkest Episode
    • Where Are All the Dracopnequus?

    And get your soapboxes below!

    MLP Episode Inspired by Star Trek Franchise
    By: Booksmart

    The Brony Fandom and Star Trek Fandoms truly have lot in common than you think! From an episode having dealing with a adorable bot ecological menace Al la Trouble with Tribbles" Style in "Swarm of The Century" to To a debut of a psychopathic Q-like entity in "Return of Harmony.', both fandom have a taste for nerd culture ! So I came with an MLp Episode inspired by 3 Star Trek :The Original Series Episodes: The Naked Time, This Side of Paradise, and The Way To Eden. And The name of the episode will be called "I Got No Reins on Me!" Here's the Episode plot: Princess Twilght Sparkle and her friends plan a Spring Day Festival in Ponyville and everypony is gathering and gardening flowers and other crops. Spike discovers a mysterious Cross breed of a Heart's Desire and a Poison Joke plant called Witch Weed. Exposure to the plant gives Spike a euphoric bliss , His "pony side" dominating and nullifying his "Dragon side" and giving him an alternate personality

    Under the name Whimsey Weatherbe (An homage to The G3.5 MLP character) The infected dragon boy goes on a silly halcyon spree To which he spreads The Witch Weeds pollen to everypony, causing them to succumb to amplify their hidden personality traits! While The pollen -influenced Spike embraces his Feminine side, Rarity Become more tomboyish,Applejack becoming an eccentric artist, Fluttershy a warrior. Starlight Glimmer unleashing her inner child, free of her burdens from the past, and prefers using her hooves instead of magic ,And Rainbow Dash, while still retaining her some of her tomboyish traits, has her appetite for knowledge amplified more than her appetite for action , becoming more cerebral, calmed down meek, , and eccentric but logical nerd while helping Twilght Sparkle find an antidote for The Witch Weed pollen She's also learn s a Pegasus Wing Nerve pinch" similar to Spock's Vulcan Nerve pinch to calm down her friends!There will also be parody of the song" I'm so Pretty" from The movie West Side Story in the Episode. Morals of The episode: True Friends will help friends when they have their moments of losing self-control and We ALL have Secrets and idiosyncrasies different sides to our characters and we keep to ourselves from other, but that shouldn't stop you from being friends.

    Did an Episode Leak the Future of friendship?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    I think it seems appropriate that ponies who learned to renew their friendship from the journal entries of the Mane 5, CMC, and Spike would be part of the core characters in the next generation of MLP, if the current ongoing gen ever were to end- and it will, eventually. These two ponies- Toola Roola, and Coconut Cream, were far from the only ponies that the Mane 6 have helped on a personal level over the course of the 7 year series, but I think that its a good chance that they might be part of the next generation. While Coco Pommel, Sea Breeze, Discord, Moondancer, Silver Shill, the Wonderbolts, and Cheese Sandwich are all ponies who taught the Mane 6 to stay true to their elements, and learned from them in return, they most likely will not be. In “Fame and Misfortune”, it implies Toola and Coconut are part of the target audience that the show’s lessons are aimed at, and so they will likely be of the next generation’s core cast.

    "A Health of Information" is the Darkest Episode
    By: Sheep

    You kind of know going into "A Health of Information" that everything is going to turn out okay by the end and the silly hijinks between Twilight and Fluttershy can be funny. That's generally how the show functions. But the details of Swamp Fever that are revealed in the episode immediately put this into the number one spot for the darkest episode of the series, at least for me. The end result being that the pony infected with the disease in the end will ultimately have their sentience stripped away from them and is turned into a tree. Now, obviously plants are still living, but I don't think it needs to be said that trees cannot speak or express feeling of any kind, or have an actual thought process whatsoever. Essentially, it comes across as the show's way of saying the end result is death, without directly saying it, making Fluttershy's race against time feel all the more desperate as she tries to find a cure. Also just going to point out the trees at the beginning of the episode that have the flowers on them could very well have been ponies with the illness at one point. All of a sudden the beginning isn't so lighthearted.

    Scoots' Parents' "High Demanding Jobs"

    Scoots' parents are one in the many parents in the show that still lie into the mystery category! It is claimed that her parents have high-demanding jobs. What could those jobs be anyway, brahs? Could be anything! One of them might travel alot, and the other just works all day and comes home at night and leaves early in the morning!

    My theory, I think her dad could be a nurse at Ponyville General, and her mom is a royal guard! I say it like this because it could teach kids that no matter what career someone might choose, it is all gender neutral! Her dad would be the one that's doing all the errands around the house, and being a nurse takes alot of time, and it could be where Scoots gets her will to help ponies comes from! Her mom would be a great royal guard because she's brave and strong, and we have never seen a female royal guard yet! Better yet, maybe she took Shining Armor's place as captain of the guard, because who's captain now? We still don't know that either!

    What do you think could be Scoots' parents' jobs?

    Where Are All the Dracopnequus?
    By: mr100dragon100

    We've seen a lot of races in equestria we've seen ponies of all types, dragons, changelings, yaks and many more but even though we've seen them or at least know that there could be more there is still one that is missing; the draconequss we still don't know if there is anymore; we know there are more zebras and even more chimeras so where are the draconequus? Well discord may sometimes call himself the spirit of chaos but he akso calls himself a draconequus even in return of harmony cherrilee says "this is a draconequus hes got a head of a pony and the body of all sorts of things" and in to whare and back again trixe says " A draconequus with half a brain" the key words are "a draconequus" so if discord is the spirit of chaos then why give him a species name at all? Well maybe dispite discord representing chaos there could still be more out there like maybe there could be other draconequus that could be a spirit of something else like any forse of nature or something like spirit of harmony, order or wisdom.

    Or prehaps discord could be like celestia and luna? For example celestia and luna control the sun and the moon but dispite that there could be other alicorns back where they cane from before equestria was founded just not as powerfull as celestia and luna so maybe there could be more draconequus but just not as powerfull as discord.

    We still have the rest of season 7 and we have season 8 coming soon the possibilities are still open even with the movie coming out now we know there are new races out side of equestria so even after all the races we seen even outside of equestria there just has to be other draconequus out there