• Which Two OC Ponies Would You Be Fine With Seeing in the Show?

    With the announcement a few days ago that season 8 would raffled off two OC Ponies that will represent them in the show based on a personality test, many have started to question the very concept of inviting fandom ideas into our beloved horse cartoon. Bronyland has thousands of custom-made equine creations at this point, some more popular than even a few of the canon ponies.

    This brings us to another crossroads! In a fandom that was initially wary of fandom original characters, we've largely come to accept and love them over time. Which ones would fit into the actual show the best though? Who would improve the lives of Equestrians everwhere by their mere presense?

    Pick two and throw them in the comments below! How would they interact with your every-day pony denizen?