• Sunset Day Discussion - Her Future, What You Like or Dislike, and More!

    Sunset has changed a lot since her very first Equestria Girls appearance. Back in the day I would have never imagined she would gather the number of fans she has years later or to be honest that Equestria Girls would have as many fans as it does now. Through cautious care of her redemption arc she has shown herself to be quite the wonderful pony/human that many now love!

    So with that in mind what would you all like to see from Sunset in the future? We did see her temporarily return to Equestria and I'm certain a lot of you would like to see more of that. Should it be in the show proper (give us your episode suggestions in the comments) or in a future Equestria Girls installment?

    What made you like Sunset Shimmer in the first place or what brought you to like her as time went on? On the flip side, for those that don't care for her, why is that so?

    Get to discussing our favorite bacon pony in the comments!

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