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    Sometimes it's nice to have a slow start to your morning: waking up, getting a nice cup of tea or coffee, and reading a chapter or two of a good book! So why don't we follow Rarity's example and start the morning with some reading, everyone?

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    A Desert Tale by Seanessy
    As a result of being deserted by their friends after the Canterlot Rodeo, Rarity and Pinkie are forced to hoof-cart it home. Will they make it in one piece?

    A Lady Does Everything With Feeling by Cynewulf
    Rarity is the consummate Lady: she never goes back on her word, and she never complains to a customer. But this newest order has just been different and for the first time in a long, long time Rarity finds herself truly with empty hooves, with no creative energies to summon.

    A Simpler Time by DJLowrider
    What started as a normal friendly visit ends up taking two ponies on a trip down memory lane that leads them both to realize their friendship began even before Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom.

    A Wish For The Ages by Pascoite
    A special moment between sisters happened that first Hearth's Warming Eve. Star Swirl the Bearded saw the significance, but too late. Another will happen this year, and with his guidance, maybe Twilight Sparkle can make this the best Hearth's Warming Rarity ever had.

    Ambition by AbsoluteAnonymous
    A simple afternoon spent modifying a dress at Carousel Boutique leads to two ponies accidentally discovering that they have more in common than was once believed.

    Carousel by Vanner
    When Fluttershy asked Rarity where she learned to sew, she learns that remembering where you came from isn't always easy.

    Diamond In The Rough by AbsoluteAnonymous
    After the Gala, Applejack has a little too much to drink, and Rarity agrees to escort her home; but then, much to Rarity's embarrassment, Applejack decides that right then and there is the perfect time to confront the unicorn about their true feelings for one another.

    Entry #649 by KitsuneRisu
    It has been a year since I last saw her when she appeared on my doorstep, strangeness in her eyes and a mumbling under her voice. She asked for my help to investigate a peculiar object, which once held an odd ancient magic. But it's benign now, she said. It's benign now.

    Genuine by Aquarian Poet
    Returning home from a busy day, an unexpected sight leads one mare to realize what it truly takes to be a friend, and what it really means to be “genuine”.

    Gift by shortskirtsandexplosions
    Over the course of several years, Rarity has achieved a fabulous career, contributing to both Equestrian fashion and the Ponyville community.  She is admired by her clients, envied by her peers, and cherished by her dear friends, proving that she's a dependable shoulder to lean on. Then one day, a mysterious pony visits from out of town. She wishes to meet Rarity, but not to thank her.

    Gone So Long by Skywriter
    The Royal Ceremonial Headdress takes ages to fix up.  Just ages.  Plenty of time to chat about love, and time, and those big steel cups they serve alongside your milkshake.

    Hem by shortskirtsandexplosions
    Rarity has many things that need to be finished.  But instead, she feels like taking a nap... or a shower... or maybe a little of both.  It's a simple life, after all.

    Let Me Complain, Dear by Oroboro
    Camping has never been Rarity's favorite activity, but she got to pick last anniversary's, so it's only fair that Applejack gets to pick what to do this time. When their trip goes wrong, however, it's up to Rarity to fix the problem herself. No matter how much she might complain about it.

    Like Shattered Glass by Arwhale
    After one of Sweetie Belle's clumsy mistakes ends up destroying one of her sister's entire fashion lines, Rarity is finally sent over the edge. But after a terrible accident lays Sweetie Belle at the foot of death's door, Rarity is faced not only with losing her sister, but also with the reality that she may never be able to apologize for what she did.

    Lilies Of The Field by Cynewulf
    Rainbow has a crush, and Rarity seems to be the only one who wasn't informed. As she searches for the identity of Rainbow Dash's new love interest, Rarity questions whether or not her conclusions are based on reality... or on what she wishes were true.

    Catch For Us The Little Foxes by Cynewulf
    Love is a like a garden, Rarity had always known that. You had to take care of the garden that was love: water it with affection, weed out petty fears, nurture the timid intimacies. But the weeds that suffocate the flowers and feast on the trees can strike with little warning even when the utmost care is taken. The rot of despair can eat away at the green no matter how much love is poured into a relationship.  Rainbow deals with the possibility of a flightless future in the aftermath of a brush with death with help from Rarity. Many waters cannot quench love; perhaps not even crippled wings can dampen it for long.

    Makin' Bakin' by Caerdwyn
    Rarity is a pony of many talents. Her greatest goal, though, is not the praise of critics... it is the approval of friends. Can she make the grade in a talent that does not involve a sewing machine?

    Minuette’s Lesson by Airstream
    Inspiration is Rarity's Element, and Sweetie Belle her greatest achievement. But the filly has questions, ones that Rarity might not be able to answer on her own. What makes a pony? How can somepony know if they really are alive? Are they alive if they laugh and cry? Are they alive if they think, if they make mistakes and have ideas? If Sweetie Belle is nothing more than a collection of wires, is she truly alive?

    Mud, Sweat And Tears by Hyperexponential
    Rarity is at her wits' end. Try as she might, she can't come up with an idea for her charity fundraiser. But Applejack can, and now she has to convince Rarity and Fluttershy to take part in the last thing either of them wants to do.

    Nightmare State Of Mind by Jetfire
    Off the south and eastern shores of old Manehattan, there is an island where the sun never rises.  An island where a sickly bluish light suffuses all the darkened air, where trance music rocks and pulses through the grandly sculpted cities like the pumping of the blood.  An island to which Equestria is rapidly losing population, as well as influence. What is this place, this land of Nocturne?  And who- or what- is its mysterious ruler?

    Rarity's Rodeo by Somber
    Once upon a time there was a slumber party.  Once upon a time, a pair of friends gave each other a dare: one to enter the local rodeo when it came to town, the other not to enter.  Applejack turns out to be quite happy with fulfilling her part of that challenge, but what about Rarity?  Is she willing to rise up, climb on to a sweaty, icky beast, and risk her beautiful hide all for the respect of her friends?  What about her own self-respect?  And what will it mean for the relationship between the two? This time, it's Rarity's Rodeo.

    Scrambled Eggs And Mashed Potatoes by HoofBitingActionOverload
    Rainbow Dash charges into Rarity's boutique and announces that she's going on a date. However, when questioned, Rainbow Dash refuses to reveal who her date is. Rarity suspects something is amiss and decides to secretly follow Dash. But what Rarity uncovers is so bizarre, she will never be able to look at her friend, or herself, the same way ever again.

    Simply Rarity by Somber
    An argument between her friends has brought to question Rarity's generosity. Can a unicorn who's had everything and nothing truly be generous?

    The Concept Of Anxiety by Cynewulf
    A lot has happened to Rarity in the last few years. Engagement, new business, adventure, losing a limb. But with the last, she is done with adventure and with danger, or at least, done seeking it out. For Rarity, nothing seems safe anymore, and so when Rainbow has to help with a huge freak storm, Rarity is left alone in the dark. The dark which she has learned to fear for wholly justified reasons.

    The Fires Of Friendship by Ponydora Prancypants
    Rarity and Applejack share a secret history: as fillies, they were the best of friends, until one terrible day soured their relationship for years to come. Forced back together by recent events and mutual friendships, they nevertheless cannot ignore the painful memories of all that went wrong. The past cannot be changed, but when Rarity and Applejack must work together to save their sisters from terrible danger, it just may be the case that a friendship once broken can be reforged in fire, and emerge from the flames stronger than ever before.

    The Glass Blower by Cold in Gardez
    She is as beautiful and graceful as the moon, and just as hard to reach. He is a young artist with much to learn about the world. When he accepts her challenge to create an artistic masterpiece, will he win her heart, or learn a terrible lesson in the nature of beauty and love?

    The Lucky One by Evan McClan
    After a devastating fire, Rarity and Sweetie Belle move in with the Apple family, where Rarity gets to know Big Macintosh better.

    Mistaken For Strangers by Evan McClan
    While expecting her first foal, Rarity finds her relationship with Big Mac tested.

    The Motion Of The Stars by Carabas
    Once upon a time, Equestria burned in the fires of war. Now it falls on two sisters to reclaim what they can.

    The Muse Of Madness by ProfCharles
    Rarity is invited to join the Ponyville Royal Art Society. However, one artist isn't all she seems to be, and discovering the truth may cost Rarity more than she can imagine...

    The Road To Ponyville by GlueFactory
    It’s one misadventure after another for Pinkie Pie and Rarity as they hoof it home.  They'll throw down with angry locals, empty stomachs, tourist traps and the largest confection this side of Equestria.  It's not just a question of whether they can make it home.  Can they do it together?  Inspired by classic comedy duos, you'll find a bit of Laurel & Hardy, a smidgen of Abbott & Costello, a dose of Martin & Lewis and a well-timed dash of Hope & Crosby.

    The Trouble With Phoenixes by Cold in Gardez
    THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING YOUR ‘PHOENIX-B-GONE’ HOME PHOENIX REMOVAL SYSTEM. USER ASSUMES ALL LIABILITY.  What's better than one phoenix? Two phoenixes. What's better than two phoenixes? A houseful of them, unless it's your house. Then you have a problem.  Rarity has a problem.

    To Whom It May Concern by Pascoite
    Twilight Sparkle has asked Rarity over to the castle to help with... something. She wouldn't say what. And Rainbow Dash is sure going out of her way to make sure Rarity gets there. Finally time to deal with this, it seems.

    What Was Said Over Tea by Aburi
    Rarity is known throughout Ponyville and Canterlot as generous, beautiful, and a notorious flirt. Now that Twilight has finally convinced Spike to release her from a long held promise, it's time to confront Rarity over something that has concerned the magical prodigy for a long time.

    Where The Fields Are by Cynewulf
    Applejack was happy for Rarity, she really was. Moving to Canterlot to pursue a rather unique opportunity made sense... but it didn't help her feel any less homesick. As Rarity works on special dresses for the biggest fashion show of the season, Applejack dreams of where the fields are, where the summers are wet and the winters clear. Happy is she who knows the causes of things--and as Rarity begins to understand the underlying problems with Applejack's discontent, perhaps she can find the right words to say.

    Canterlot's Guests by JKinsley
    On a trip to visit Twilight's parents in Canterlot, Twilight and Rarity find themselves in an unusual situation. Can they straighten everything out before they have to return to Ponyville?

    Every Mare Needs Her Stallion by Inquisitor M
    After Fluttershy threw a tantrum in Ponyville's marketplace, Rarity invited her over for some good old girly gossip. The Fluttershy that turns up on her doorstep, however, is absolutely not the one she was expecting. Somefilly has a secret and Rarity isn't above using a few tricks to find out what it is.

    Listen by Taialin
    After a particularly trying episode of dealing with her cat, Rarity decides to go to Fluttershy for some much-needed relaxation. There, she's introduced to a secret of Fluttershy's that nopony yet has understood.

    Longer Than Diamonds by SPark
    Rarity has had many frustrations in her sewing career, but when her finest hour seems to have come, she finds it brings with it all new troubles and worries. A short fic by a seamstress who feels Rarity's pain!

    Millennium Wake by Chaotic Dreams
    Rarity awakes after a thousand years of forced magical slumber. How will she cope with a world where everypony she ever knew and loved is long gone, a world that has moved on without her?

    ∩∩Θπ ~ Ö ~ ÇHΓΩ/\/\É (Monochrome) by shortskirtsandexplosions
    After a magical mishap renders Rarity temporarily blind, Twilight Sparkle agrees to help her around the Boutique, utilizing a fancy spell that allows Rarity to see a simple outline of the world around them.  It's just a gesture of good friendship; absolutely nothing more. Nothing more whatsoever.

    Royals by Einhander
    Rarity always wanted to be Lady Rarity.  Over time, it became clearer it was not meant to be. But she's fine, she's got a successful business in Ponyville, her fashion line showing in Manehattan and she has her friends, even if most of them are moving on with their lives. A prince sweeping her off her hooves was just not meant to be. So she thought nothing of Filthy Rich, businesspony, father and widower, asking her to work with him on a plan to help out Sweet Apple Acres. And re-brand his business. And have weekly lunch meetings. And pet nicknames. All part of a normal, working relationship. So how in Equestria did she end up on a date with the richest pony in town? Confusion, feelings and wine mix for a potentially explosive, heartwarming (or rending?) evening, along with a pinch of generosity.

    Strange Bedfellows by Staeg Masque
    When a spell, cast by Twilight, ends up shooting Applejack and Rarity to the next continent over, the pair of ponies find themselves in odd situation after odd situation--from a multicultural village led by a former enemy to several deadly encounters, the two ponies must do everything in their power to survive and make it back to Ponyville. Whether they can or not will depend on their ability to work together and learn from each other. Should that fail, so will they.

    Surface Deep by TheSlorg
    Rarity has always been Ponyville's most elegant and fashionable resident. Her generosity knows no bounds, but what caused her to have such aspirations of fame and glamour? Sometimes to find the answers, you need to go beyond surface deep.

    The Block Party by shortskirtsandexplosions
    Weeks after Rarity undergoes a complete meltdown, Princess Luna suggests she join a club called the "Block Party." It's not a very fun party.

    The Enchanted Library by Monochromatic
    Everypony enjoys myths and ponytales, even if they know such things aren't real. Princesses fighting against a spirit of chaos? A princess trapped in a library under a tree, waiting to be found? Quite enchanting and fantastic tales yes, but nonetheless as fictional as Daring Do and other such stories, right? Well, Rarity used to think that, too. She doesn't anymore.

    The Secrets We Keep by BlazzingInferno
    In the midst of doing a favor for Ember in the dragon lands, Spike tells Rarity about his not-so-secret feelings. Rarity responds with a secret of her own, one that she's guarded for most of her life. They picked the wrong day, and the wrong kingdom, for a quiet heart-to-heart.

    The Wrong Fork by PoweredByTea
    During a lull in the conversation at an upper class charity dinner, Rarity takes a moment to contemplate some commonly held assumptions made of Princess Celestia. Specifically, her table manners.

    Third Time's A Charm by RazedRainbow
    In the heat of the moment, some ponies have a habit of letting things out. Sometimes they are minor things that most just shrug off and forget about in a matter of milliseconds. Sometimes they are things that, once revealed, shake the very foundation of their existence. Rarity's latest revelation falls into the latter.

    Transient by Impossible Numbers
    Pinkie and Rarity reluctantly venture into the strange caves of the far reaches of Equestria. The map must have sent them there for a reason, after all. Hopefully, they'll live long enough to figure out what it is.

    Trouble At The Finish Line by shortskirtsandexplosions
    Why is it that everypony struggles to finish a story properly?  Rarity finds out the hard way when she asks Applejack and Rainbow Dash to write their own separate narratives for an enchanted comic book to give to Twilight on her birthday.  But Instead of focusing on what Twilight would want, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are determined to out-write each other with literary pizazz.  There are common problems in both mares' stories, and Rarity must find a way to fix them both... through Rainbow Dash and Applejack, if need be.  After all, this is totally about Twilight... isn't it?

    Up From The Wilderness by Cynewulf
    Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved? Rarity is not whole. Her adventures have finally caught up to her, and after a daring rescue of her beloved Rainbow Dash, she finds herself at least temporarily crippled. Her doctors are baffled--raw magic poisoning of the magnitude she sustained is not exactly commonplace. But Rainbow is there for her, watching, worried, and hopeful. A Lady endures all things, after all, and Rarity is the epitome of a lady.

    We Will Become Silhouettes by Cynewulf
    Two lovers pass along the same path with the same problem. Rarity and Twilight are in the doldrums of life, and find that answers are few, far between, and sometimes wordless.

    Winds Of Wintercrest by Lost_Marbles
    On a mountain with a never ending blizzard, Sweetie Belle and friends go missing. Rarity and Rainbow Dash set out to find the lost fillies, but when they do, they stumble upon a pair of lovers trapped in ice. If Rarity and Rainbow want to save the fillies, the lovers, and make it back alive, they'll have to slay the monster of Wintercrest.

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