• Mega Compilation Album Ponies At Dawn: Anthology Now Available For Pre-Order!

    Ponies At Dawn are back again with another massive album from a huge number of artists from the community's music scene. This one is especially cool in that it also features the option of purchasing physical CDs of the songs from the album! With artists like 4EverfreeBrony, PrinceWhateverer, Black Gryph0n, Jyc Row, The Wasteland Wailers, Silva Hound, Aurelleah, Exiark, John Kenza and heaps more, there's plenty to get excited about. You can check out the live release party over at PonyvilleFM at 7:30 PM UTC/3:30 PM EDT on September 29th, and the album is currently available to pre-order on bandcamp here, but otherwise check out a full preview of the album and some extra info below the break!

    Ponies At Dawn presents our 12th album, Anthology! All donations go towards the artists who helped to make this album a reality. This album was designed as a way to showcase some of the best tunes we've released over the last couple of years, as well as to unleash some incredible new ones for you all to enjoy. 

    There will be a live radio premiere at PonyvilleFM on Friday the 29th of September starting at 7:30 PM UTC/3:30 PM EDT (this will translate to the 30th of September for some time zones). Make sure to check your timezone so you don't miss the event! Initially, we'll be playing the golden oldies (tracks 39-72) up until 10 PM UTC, at which point we'll start showcasing the new tunes! The album will release on Bandcamp towards the end of the stream. 

    There will also be some DJ performances in the hours before and after the album plays, so feel free to come along early and stay late for some awesome sets by some of PonyvilleFM's finest! Cloud Zephyr and DJ Rod will perform beforehand, with Progressive Element, InklingBear, dyedquartz and Bolt the Super-Pony afterwards!

    As always, whilst the album costs a minimum of $1 USD to purchase in the pre-order phase, it will be available to download under the pay what you want (including $0!) on release, so if you don't want or are unable to pay for it, you won't have to. 

    Tracks 1-39 are entirely new releases created for this album, whilst tracks 40-73 are a strong representation of some of the best works from our previous 2015-2017 album releases. 

    We will be periodically releasing a few pre-release tracks in the lead-up to the full album release, so make sure to check them out on our partner channel, Cider Party!

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    Album art by Shamanguli