• "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You": Episode Followup - Cereal Didn't Write This

    WeAreBorg here! We've got an amazing Rarity episode for you and I'm going to do the Followup for it while on cough medicine. What could go wrong? Anyway, join me below for Rarity faces, cat's eating dairy, Deadpool, zebra moonshine, the moral implications of ponies wearing leather, and Josh Haber destroying the show's timeline!

    While it's not my intention to write every Episode Followup, I'm always there to lend a hoof to my fellow Blog Ponies when they need it, so I'm filling in for Cereal Velocity who is recovering after so much Rarity left him unresponsive on his fainting couch.

    Anyway, as is my way, the episode's moral lesson is..."proper labeling prevents mistakes"? Seriously get Zecora a Sharpie or something. Cynder says all materials must be labeled according to the material safety data sheets. Or maybe it's "try regular shampoo before traipsing through the most dangerous forest in a hundred miles for witch doctor soap not regulated by the Equestria FDA". But really it's more than likely that "true beauty is on inside but can be seen if you're not distractingly hideous". NyQuil is my friend right now.

    Moving on. I'll try to keep this under 100 pictures...

    Let's start with these wide shot of our Ponyville background ponies. It's nice to see our 3 flower ponies Lily Valley, Rose Luck, and Daisy Dukes still doing business together. We have your usual suspects of Lyra and Bon Bon, Golden Harvest, Cheerilee to name a few. Also, we have Granny Smith hanging out with Grand Pear at the pear booth. Granny might be manning the apple booth behind that.

    Let's pan right...

    We have Sparkler, Aloe, Lotus, Cloud Kicker, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Derpy and more! Apple Bloom is in the back there at another apple stand talking to the lumber pony selling his bundles of wood. I'd be visiting the honey stand in the back there. Equestria clearly doesn't have a bee crisis. I bet that pony's got some mead under the table. I bet mead would go well with my NyQuil.

    Diamond Tiara does not need lines at all with this eye roll. Equestria need's phones with calendar alerts for dates like this. Or a PDA or something. Like a Palm Pilot. Back when touch screen's needed sticks. Anyway, speaking of dates, Filthy Rich mentioned it was "Mare's Day" which is a bit confusing as it doesn't have a great deal of context. Something you need flowers for; can often forget it till the last minute...It might just be mother's day! Filthy is getting it for Spoiled Rich after all.

    Either that or it's the Equestrian version of...

    Heh, heh. Deadpool said nope faster than Big Mac. Off topic but a shirt exists of Deadpool riding Celestia re-enacting the credit scene. I know, I own it.

    Anyway, back to ponies, I bet Lily and the gang have no problem's being professional flower ponies...

    Uh, florists is the word I'm looking for. This Followup is going to be rough. And no they are panicking over what is likely a sell-lots-of-flowers yearly holiday or in Haber's Equestria, bi-weekly. I'll explain that in a bit.

    "I need the good stuff!!!" As a reminder, ponies eat flowers. I believe in a previous Followup I covered Equestria's use of Morning Glory as a psychoactive plant.

    If only somepony would save the day...

    Yeah, I bet Rarity is vain enough to do that effect. Similar to the blinding illusion she did to make herself appear like a crystal pony when she first visited the crystal empire.

    Also, this is finger on the nose to Rarity later needing to "Shine from the inside".

    What can Rarity do?

    Boop! Also, I'm glad color matching is such a novel concept in Equestria. And by glad I mean I'm facepalmhoofing. Of course, she waits for the whole line to go before her letting these ponies run out of stock before she asks for her huge order...

    Look as cute as you want Rarity. They're only helping you out because they feel guilty for how Daisy treated you...

    Ms. Jerk McJerface Daisy here from "Fame and Misfortune" thinking Rarity is bad character. She might not be wrong.

    This is what Rarity would look like as an all-powerful Alicorn with a flowing mane. We'll see this in Season 9.

    It ain't easy being Mr. Breezy. After Twilight Sparkle moved to town ponies stopped the DIY and got their insurance and contractors on speed dial. That screw sign up on the wall is my mantra too: screw it.

    Why does he have a marequin with a mane and tail just lying around? Is this Mrs. Breezy? Also, I love these ponies' reaction: Ooooo he has a spinny blade device that pushes air onto ponies. Like they've never seen a fan before. Rarity didn't see a fan either in "Fame and Misfortune". Hate can be directed toward my Twitter.

    Also, what is powering these fans?

    Marshmellow is better than a marequin...

    I get it Jim. The episode is about her mane. If it was about her tail though, she'd just cut it off on a moment's notice and shove it on the face of a sea-serpent. Also, while this is the first time Davenport here has been called out by name in the show, he's had that name for a while in the collector cards and such. Davenport was a series of sofas, by the way, made back in the day. Some parts of the US still use the term.

    Also, this store only exists so that Twilight and Rarity can go shopping together...

    I've come to the conclusion that all earth ponies are crazy. Also, Rarity lucked out here with this rich old mare here willing to buy different colored couches. With all these pastel ponies I can see how greyscale and non-coordinating colors have become the norm.

    Yeah, take a moment. There's a lot to take in here. So Pinkie here is doing, in her world, a minor celebration of the cake twin's 1st "Sneeze-aversary" when they had their first sneezes. Likely this just day after their real birthday, since a newborn who isn't really good anything, even swallowing, manages to get milk in his nose and winds up sneezing. Yeah, I have a newborn they figure out the whole sneezing, coughing, crying, eating, pooping things really quick.

    So Pinkie was very clear here in her song "About 1 year ago" so that leads me to a rather difficult timeline issue I want to rub in your face. "Baby Cakes" shows the birth, ew no, the moments immediately following the birth of the Twins and the month after when Pinkie first babysits them. "Baby Cakes" was Season 2 Episode 13. So does that mean that 5 seasons worth of episodes take place in only 11 months? That's two Hearth's Warmings with "Hearthbreakers" and "A Hearthwarming Tail" in the span of 11 months. So Twilight has only been a princess for 6 months? We see Starlight Glimmer later, so the episode isn't out of order so this needs to be explained:

    Borg's Desperate Explanations for this Timeline Conundrum:
    • Pinkie is a gypsy bard baker and is confused with when she is.
    • Celestia controlling the Sun has the strange effect of having 1 month seasons.
    • Starlight and Twilight messing with the space-time continuum had some side effects.
    • Josh Haber was also on NyQuil when he wrote this. <3
    • Pinkie is on too much Morning Glory at the moment.
    • Pinkie is too lazy to rewrite the song she's been singing to the twins for years.
    Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

    Also, does this mean the Cake twins are potty trained now since no diapers?

    Let's move on!

    Pinkie's sentient hair makes a reappearance this episode. Also, this is a very Pinkie thing to do. Not the least bit surprised.

    >Saw a pretty mare named Rarity
    >Wanted to talk to her
    >Tried to speak but spaghetti flew out of my nose
    >Got in her hair and her everywhere.
    >Got on every square inch of surface
    >Couldn't run away because it was too sticky and we were stuck.

    Yes, Rarity I can't believe Haber wrote this episode either. That title is a mouthful isn't it? I had to type that thing out 20 times during HasCon. Haber was there by the way at the Season 8 panel. Spoilers but... Haber returns. Also, Pinkie, stop making faces at the Discovery Family logo.

    Somewhere there is animator whose sole job it is to put ponies looking in terror at the writer and editor credits. I need this job. Also, hairbrush stuck in the hair trope.

    This Rarity face. I'll have a picture at the end full of more Rarity faces. I screencapped over 200 frames from this episode and most of them are Rarity faces.

    Also, Rarity is mad, Pinkie, that you got her hair sticky just in time for her photo shoot.

    Needs marinara...

    More evidence that pony infants are made of some tough stuff. Pinkie I think you'll need to unstick them some other way...

    Sweet Celestia Pinkie what are you doing! It's not Fluttershy's shed you need to worry about.

    What are you going to do after you crowbar those foals?

    Wear their bodies as trophy earings of course. Equestria can go to some dark places.

    Speaking of which...

    Welcome to camp Everfree Forest. Poor sad Rarity. Don't worry you'll always be best pony to Cereal Velocity. I'd like to reiterate that Rarity didn't even try normal shampoo first and that Pinkie wants to clean off her cupcakes...because baking is such a chore?

    Pinkie you have a little bird poop in your mane. Also, we'll see this bird later, his name is Mr. Running Joke.

    You should shake out your mane Pinkie...

    Bwahaha. Growing up with cartoons there have always been eyes in the backgrounds of "scary" scenes but I don't think I have ever seen a character interact with them. Notice them sure but not hit them in the face with a stick.

    We'll probably never see this joke again...

    Mad Rarity is mad. Only in ponies can characters yell at the background cells. You ain't finding that in Bugs Bunny.

    Also, that face.

    Whoa. Heavy filters. No, but really it is amazing that even though DHX created Zecora's hut all those years ago, they revamped it anyway.

    Here's what it used to look like...

    This is from "Filli Vanilli", Season 4 Episode 14, early 2014. There's a damn big difference here in background quality.

    Either that or Zecora moved to a higher res tree.

    Also, how much does it pain Twilight to visit Zecora now? Too soon?

    Let's go inside...

    Zecora's Rube Goldberg machine here is wild. How often does she need to make two potions at once? Good thing they'll come out as separate colors so you can tell them apart...

    "All right: where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right and who is dead."

    If you don't get that reference, shame on you. Though if Zecora said it would sound like this: "There is poison but in which vial? A battle of wits is your trial. You must choose which is which, and when we drink, one of us will wind up in a ditch."

    Look, I've had a lot of cough medicine.

    Also look at all those pots. Zecora really needs a label maker.


    Later we see Rarity kinda with a mohawk kinda like this. Does that make Rarity's hairstyle cultural appropriation? Maybe. I'll have to ask Gameleon as I munch on some stroopwafels.

    What does Rarity think of cultural appropriation?

    So what sort of glass does Equestria have that can be chunked onto a hardwood floor and not break? I need that in my life.

    Anyway, Rarity leaves with 'her' vial. How will Pinkie waste Zecora's time?

    In the most Pinkie way possible of course. Here Zecora is wondering what sort of demon she needs to excise from her house.

    Pinkie's sentient hair again. It's important to note that Rarity just has super shampoo but Pinkie actually has a magic potion that removes whatever you concentrate on. This important.

    Too bad they switched vials...

    Haber's script was like "[Pinkie puts drops of the potion on rags for herself and the Cake Twins]" to which the animators were like how in Luna's plot are we suppose to animate that? More sentient hair of course.

    Good thing Pinkie has the wrong vial...

    Or else these two would be thinking of each other and she'd be mopping up dissolved foals from the floor.

    Ooo Rarity in the shower. Sexy. It bothers me her shower curtains are on the outside of the tub though.

    On to the Mane event...(Also The Mane Event was the name of that super special premium HasCon panel where they showed us a movie preview and made me sign an NDA not to tell you in detail how awesome it is)

    Good thing she focused on her mane and not her hair because she might have lost her whole coat. That would be one naked unicorn.

    Let's see it from another angle...

    Glorious. What does Zecora think of this?

    U. L. G. Y.

    I like Zecora's chill later with like 'you took the wrong vial' not my fault. Yes it is. You didn't label them!

    Anyway, Rarity it isn't that bad. Just go about your day...

    ...and make foals cry with your hideousness. Also did Caramel hookup with some mare? Did he get back together with Sassaflash from "Hearts and Hooves Day"? What about my CaraMac OTP?

    Rarity needs to go pick up her flowers...

    "I'm sorry ma'me. I can't serve you hallucinogens if I can't confirm your identity." Didn't Rarity learn anything from Zecora? You don't get served in Ponyville if you wear a dark robe with a hood.

    Roseluck will just need to serve some other pony...

    Golden Harvest, you already got your flowers earlier! Also, those eyes. No mare will look at you like that.

    Rarity, go get your Big Ass Fan...

     I love how Rainboot was like "your fans provide just the right amount of air." So hurricane force winds are the right amount? Guess you need something strong to get through that fur coat.

    How about your couch Rarity?

    "Ladies Please. Please. There is plenty of me to go around." Davenport's got swagger but how are his moral obligations?

    He'll sell his promised good to whoever offers more...

    Like Berry Punch here. These ponies have my reaction to hearing Berry Punch talk. Too bad it wasn't slurred. Great moment for the spirit pony for all you college students out there and Berrytube. Equestria Daily reminds you to Berry Punch responsibly.

    Time for Rarity to seek out comfort from her friends...

    "...your mane's messed up?" I love how Starlight isn't fully aware of her new friends' quirks and characteristic foundations.

    Have a Rarity face.

    Also, how hard is it to hide your surprise fright at her hideousness?

    For me, this was the funniest moment of the episode. Starlight's delivery is great.

    Haha. Isn't Rarity cute? Reminds me of Garfield in his bed.

    But really its more fun when Rarity isn't covered by her hood...

    Resplendent. Anyway, let's get Twilight to magic up some hair...

    Dude screams like a girl. Also, crystal ponies confirmed to be crystal. Must be a pain in the plot to style.

    There's that bird again. I find it interesting that Twilight and Starlight insist that growing hair is some impossible feat...

    I mustache you why this isn't hard though. This is from Season 1 "Boast Busters" by the way. Speaking of which it would have been hilarious to see Trixie give hair growing a go.

    Let's ramp up the magical power shall we?

    The whole castle needs a Brazillian now. Also, that bird again.

    Somepony needs to clean that up...

    They missed an opportunity for Spike to hold a piece under his nose as a mustache.

    Luckily Zecora comes to save the day...

    Poor little pony. Reader, you will never get head rubs from Zecora.

    I love Zecora's suggestion to go back in time to fix it...

    Starlight's like but we already did which is why the Cake twins are only a year old thus creating this paradox.

    Maybe Rarity should go talk to her other friends who are better at friendship than the Princess of Friendship...

    Yeah nope. Rarity, you're so ugly you scared Snowdrop away. Also, I love Fluttershy's "We could try." So much for the Element of Kindness.

    'Oh yeah, this end is way less ugly. We could stare at it all day.' This is the first time we see her tail after the shampoo. She doesn't even mention it. I guess once you cut it off for a seaserpent once, losing it again doesn't matter much.

    Let's see how her friends try to help...

    But first, you might have missed Big Mac hanging out with his marefriend Sugar Belle. What about my CaraMac OTP?

    Actually, Applejack's wig idea isn't so bad. Is there not a wig shop in Ponyville? I would think wigs would be way more popular in Equestria since no color would be considered unnatural looking.

    Speaking of Snowdrop, this is actually what her mane would look like as an adult. Not that she would know. Rainbow Dash could always retire from the Wonderbolts as a cloud sculpture. She built her house after all.

    How does Flutters do...

    Fluttershy does not have a career as a hairdresser. Also, that bird gets around.

    Let's see how all her friends get Rarity out of her depression...again...

    First, with all that ice cream this is how Raracow is a thing. Second, cats love dairy and third, who is that sexy number for on the marequin? Can I get a toy of a pony in that....for a review?

    They remind Rarity that beauty is on the inside and if she wasn't so distractingly hideous ponies would still listen to her whining.

    Time for a makeover!

    Gotta say. Rarity looks really good like this. Her mane colors are reminiscent of her Rainbow Power form. I'm surprised she didn't have a darker eyeshadow though. Sunset Shimmer isn't the only one who looks good in leather.

    Also, if I learned one thing at HasCon if you think Rarity here looks awesome in leather, you need to tell us in the comments and shout it at social media, because they will totally make a toy out of it if it's cool enough. Just saying, this could be the next Comic Con or HasCon exclusive. I know you can squeeze a toy in 12 months if you try Hasbro. My wallet is ready.

    Time for Rarity to demand a refund on all the things she ordered!

    How does Filthy not know what colors or flowers Spoiled likes at this point? Diamond Tiara is like 11 years old or something. Also, Bon Bon is wearing Lyra's saddlebags as a couple of romantically involved ponies would.

    This is why you get pre-payment for custom orders. Cause ponies like Rarity return it.

    This I don't believe. This snake in the grass Davenport sold your custom ordered couch because somepony else offered him more money and you still gave him your business. I will say though Rarity likely guilt tripped the Tartarus out of him which is why you only see 4 bits exchange hooves.

    So maybe Rarity is a little selfish to only just now think of Pinkie? Nah we need some comic relief after that touching heart felt moment reflecting upon shiny from the inside.

    So what has Pinkie been upto?

    This is what I imagine how much soap and water gets everywhere when trying to bathe a toddler. Guess I'll find out eventually. Like Pinkie's super clean and bouncy mane?

    Too bad Suger Cude Corner is still a disaster. The Cakes are gonna be pissed. Also, Pinkie is either an epic troll or the soap is affecting her brain.

    If you didn't notice, AJ is in the background, where she belongs, playing with Pound Cake's hair and really enjoying it.

     Only Pinkie notices the pony walking away with a Vanity Mare with Rarity on the cover. Also, going back to our timeline conundrums, Applejack mentions that it's been months. So how many months does it take to regrow a mane and tail and more importantly, why does it take months for one issue of a magazine? It's not like they are trying to make an MLP movie.

    Ahahah. It just says Vain on the front. Turns out the rest of the Mane6 and Applejack got Photo Finish to be a stalker.

    Let's take a look inside...

    What could sell more magazines than a plot shot like that?

    Next, we have not a full headshot, just the tip. Also, Davenport laughing at Rarity as he explains he sold the couch she ordered.

    And then we have Rarity helping Pinkie clean because really it was all Rarity's fault Sugar Cube corner was closed for...days? Rarity mentions the shoot is "tomorrow" after Pinkie unloads in her mane, so either Photo Finish came a day early despite a cancellation or Pinkie and twins have been lost in suds for like 30 hours.

    The latter sounds better.

    Have some Derpy being a great role model for Dinky.

    Anyway, that's it. Oh wait as promised...

    Yay for Affinity Designer! Enjoy these!

    You voice actors everypony! I'm a little too sick to point out which crowd pony is who but I'm sure someone else in the comments will.

    Well everypony, hope you liked the episode! Also hope you didn't read this Followup and just copy pasted your pre-written reviews below and completely ignored this thing it takes a Blog Pony like myself hours upon hours to write. You make it all worth it.

    For everypony who did read all the way through the tons of images, I posted, please, leave in the comments your explanations for the 11-month timeline conundrum and tweet at me if you thought I was too hard on Rarity or Background Pony.

    Bonus: Rarity isn't the mane thing about Cereal but...it kinda is...