• Flashy PMV: Keep it Undercover / Just Like Fire / Welcome / Gasoline / Run

    The flashy side of the PMV fandom has returned with a bunch of PMVS filled to the brim with super fast scene shifting, crazy editing, and high pitched nightcore versions of songs. Head on down below the break for all of them.

    [1] Source

    [MEP] Keep It Undercover [PMV] by mlp Lights™

    [2] Source

    [Collab] Just Like Fire Light 'em Up [PMV] by mlp Lights™

    [3] Source

    MLP MEP-WELCOME TO MY HOUSE by CatnomiEditors

    [4] Source

    【PMV】【失色之虹】Rainbowdash-Gasoline by Sky0414 度阡

    [5] Source

    Run MLP MEP by Radiance Edits