• Episode 18 - Daring Done - Released Early on Youtube!

    This has got to be the most ridiculous season ever when it comes to early releases and derps. Somehow, somewhere, a poor defenseless intern over at Hasbro has screwed up again, and the "To Change a Changeling" Youtube stream over on the official Hasbro Episodes channel is actually "Daring Done". They literally just uploaded the wrong episode while labeling everything else correctly.

    I suppose this should be expected at this point. You can't have a pony season without an official streaming channel dropping episodes off early. Its pretty much traditional.

    Anyway, you can go buy it over here for $3 in HD. Expect a flood of screenshots and spoilers to hit the internet soon, cause this cat is definitely out of the bag.

    Youtube For non-US People
    Alternate link

    Thanks to Sandpox and Alex for the heads up.