• Community Soapbox #50 - Real Life Vs. Pony, Change a Changeling, Daring Do is Scootaloo's Mom, and More!

    Little late this week. I blame boxes of ponies for making me forget.

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    Note: These soapboxes do not at all reflect the ideas of EQD. They are an open forum for anyone to post whatever crazy theory they want.

    Headlines for the week:

    • Should Cheerilee’s class take on an exchange student?
    • To Change a Changeling is the show's worst episode
    • Elements of Harmony Vs. Storm King
    • What if Daring Do was Scootaloo's real mother?
    • My Little Pony &real life biology

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Should Cheerilee’s class take on an exchange student?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There are limitless possibilities for future CMC episodes, if this happens. With an exchange student, we could get to see ponies from outside Equestria, and their culture brought in to interact with foreigners. If not a pony, then a completely different species entirely, like a dragonling or Griffon chick. This could also bring the CMC and a certain dragon assistant together for more interaction with this race outside of school hours, depending on the race that is brought into the class. How interesting would it be to see a foreign species opening up new ways of thinking toward things that ponies hold dear, like cutie marks or magic and morals? Seeing as how Silver Spoon is merely an accessory to Diamond Tiara, with even less character development, could sending her off for the student exchange open up more possibilities, not just with the CMC, but Diamond Tiara, and even some of the Mane cast as well?

    To Change a Changeling is the show's worst episode
    By:  Justa

    Pharynx refused to change, and was rough and scary, making the other changelings hate him. But in the end, they learned he only did what he did out of love, to keep the hive safe because he cared for all of them.

    And yet he was the one that transformed.

    He should have stayed the same. This could have been an episode about being friends with people who are different. The lesson could have been "people that look like scary monsters can be good on the inside". But instead it was "you can only be good if you look like everyone else".

    We once had an episode with that first lesson—The Times They are a Changeling. It was a beautiful episode about accepting others even if they look different. About judging people on their actions, not their appearances.

    Since then, every episode involving changelings has undermined that episode's lesson. To Change a Changeling was another nail in that coffin. Good guys can only look like everyone else, and your appearance determines how good of a person you are. Fear anyone who's different, they're inherently evil.

    For a show known for meaningful, important lessons, this episode was a major disappointment.

    Elements of Harmony Vs. Storm King
    By: Daniel

    The last line of defence for Equestria is the Elements of Harmony, and have been used for almost every single "Big Boss" with symbolic defeats ( Discord turned to stone due to stone heart, Sombra wisked away like shadows facing light). What would happen if the Elements of Harmony were to be used against the Storm King? Altho said elements seem to not be used in the Movie, lets hypothetically place them against the Storm King. My conclusion: An explosion of energy that dispels the Storm King (Sorry, nothing grand) Why so? Storm King is a Conqueror, a military strategist and leader. This implies that 1. Has almost complete loyalty of his army. 2. Topples kingdoms, leading to "people usage" and/or deep grievance and 3. Being a Conqueror has traits completely opposite of friendship and more specifically with harmony. My answer is biased with science! Mostly Chemistry: Oxygen is abundant.(Like harmony in Equestria). Alkali metals are highly reactive and dangerous with oxygen. Combine both and a violent explosion occurs ( Oxygen and Alkali metals are opposites on the Periodic Table). Same thing with Storm King and Harmony. Both will react violently and an explosion will occur. Altho it sounds silly, it seems to be the best reason. But hey, this is just a fun theory!

    What if Daring Do was Scootaloo's real mother?
    by: ChiptuneBrony

    Throughout from Season 1 to this year’s season, we may have seen the parents of the Mane Six; but we have not seen either Spike’s true parents, or… Scootaloo’s. She is a lost filly who goes to Ponyville School for younger ponies, hangs out with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, and may have been Rainbow Dash’s #1 fan (sorry, no shipping allowed! She’s too young!).
    But what “IF” A.K. Yearling (A.K.A. Daring Do) was Scootaloo’s real mother? If this is some kind of puzzle everypony could solve throughout the Ponyville Investigation (no pun intended, according to P.I.), then it’s possible that there could be anypony to convince that A.K. Yearling could really be one of Scootaloo’s real parents.
    But what really happened? Either it could be that she was carried away by a tornado, or was fillynapped by a thug; but what caused it? Two reasons: One, D.D. is pretty old, because her mane is grey. And two, she considers herself as an adventurer who is in search for her lost child, just like Monk. And if the rumors are true, then where is her “Father”? Let’s hope there’s a happy ending for Scootaloo!

    My Little Pony & real life biology
    By Fluttershypegasus

    While MLP may seem like a fanciful work of fiction, there are things which seem similar to real events in biology. In particular, swamp fever and the changelings have their own real life counterparts.

    A disease, known as cordyceps, is a species of fungus that infects ants through spores. When the ants are exposed to the spores, it causes the ants to become extremely confused by infecting their brains. The other ants will respond by forcibly dragging the ant as far away from the colony, and when the infected ant is left alone, it will climb the highest tree it can find. There, it will die, and the fungus will grow from it and spread its spores even further. This is eerily similar to swamp fever, which converts equines into trees in order to spread its spores.

    Another example comes in the form of cuckoo bees, who behave in a similar way to Queen Chrysalis' changelings. These insects will lay their eggs inside of the nests of other insects, who will take care of the bees' eggs and young as if they were their own. Some cuckoo bees even use pheromones to control other insects to make them believe that they're one of them, or even to alter their behaviour. This is extremely similar to Chrysalis hives' behaviour of infiltrating pony society, then taking control of its leaders to gain control of the society.