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    Headlines for the week:

    • Fluttershy’s Sidekick
    • Why I like Thorax
    • Is Lightning Dust the better role model for Scootaloo?
    • The Trend Towards Abnormality
    • Future of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    • Why I Love Capper and Songbird Serenade from The 2017 MLP Movie

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    Fluttershy’s Sidekick
    By: Games

    Every one of the Mane 6 have a kid sidekick except Fluttershy, Twilight has Spike, Applejack, Dash and Rarity have The CMC and Pinkie Pie has the Cake Twins, Fluttershy kinda has Zephyr but counting him would be like counting Marble Pie as Pinkie’s Kid Sidekick. It's odd that Flutters doesn't match the rest of the mane 6 in this respect and shows how much she needs to interact with other ponies and not just animals as Fluttershy has the smallest personal lexicon of the mane 6 and now that she is finally more assertive it's time for her to branch out with Discord, Tree Hugger and a Kid sidekick. so even though it's kinda weird I think that Flutteshy and Diamond Tiara should form a Duo. It would move both characters forward since Fluttershy could learn assertiveness from Tiara and Diamond could learn about kindness from Fluttershy while showing that both characters can still develop now that their previous shticks are over(Fluttershy being afraid and Diamond being a Bully), It’s kinda scary how much this makes sense actually.

    Why I like Thorax
    By: Benjamin

    This is a much less serious soapbox compared to my recent ones. but I thought I could just explain why I think Thorax is one of my favorite minor characters on the show. One of the biggest reasons for me at least is that it brings in new possible story arcs and lore into the series. Season six taught us a lot more about the Changelings even if some of it was bizarre (the concept of feeding off love still confuses me to this day). Which is exactly what a new character should do, add to a show not take it away. Personality wise Thorax is very good hearted and considerate type who always looks out for others rather then himself. Sure its nothing new in media but old isn't necessarily bad is it? I also just like his overall awkwardness in general its just so adorable, I mean just look at that smile in the picture above its so cute. I also like his old unreformed design and his reformed design both are very fitting and illustrate his journey to becoming the leader he is now. Long live King Thorax!

    Is Lightning Dust the better role model for Scootaloo?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    I think it’d be pretty cool if somehow Scoots ran into LD, and immediately hit it off with her. This can accomplish 3 things- 1: LD learning frm Scootaloo that RD became a Wonderbolt and taking revenge or just making Dashie jealous, perhaps using Scoots as a means to.

    2: LD becoming friendly with Scoots and genuinely taking her past advice to heart, while teaching Scoots to push herself in the right direction, to achieve her dreams of flying. Maybe not with her wings, but through her skills of scootering or construction. It’d be pretty sick to see her convince and help train Scoots to join something like a "PegaX games" prefecture competition. While we've seen her jump ramps and stuff on a small scale when she rides through Ponyville, we’ve never really had a full episode showcasing her scooter abilities, and using them to her advantage, instead of her focus on flying.

    The Trend Towards Abnormality
    By: Ethan

    The brony phenomenon. This fandom started in a little corner of the internet in 2010, when the first episode premiered. It was first memes posted by 4chan users, but as the movement became more widespread, the more hate it accumulated by other 4chan users which resulted in all the accounts of the people posting pony memes to be banned and any person headstrong enough to post anything related to the show, banned also.

    That was seven years ago. These days, the public are much more willing to accept bronies and other weird sub-cultures like them because of society’s trend towards abnormality. These days when you hear about SJWs and Feminists on the news, you don’t blink an eye because of the desensitisation to these groups. Two decades ago, society would have loathed these people and the movement would have died out, but now, politicians are being elected based on giving these people extra rights.

    The brony community is a very good example of such a trend in society, and people don’t blink an eye at us these days. It’s just what weird nerds on the internet do, they think. I mean, we watch little ponies. Come on! This should not be normalised!

    Future of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    By: Jon

    Reading the comments and soapbox articles on Equestria Daily, I've seen many fans express concern for the future of the show and just what else the writers can do with it. Yes, some of the Mane Six have accomplished their goals or dreams, but there's still so much more to the show and Equestria than just that. We know very little about Equestria and the lands and creatures beyond Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Crystal Empire. The writers could explore the rest of the world and introduce us to more of the other species. We could learn more about the griffons and where they come from, the zebras and their lands, the minotaurs and what their home is like. And those are just some of the ones we know about. They could introduce species and lands we've never seen or heard about before (hippogryphs, anyone?). And then there are still so many things that have been touched on but we can really only speculate on, like cutie marks, “bat ponies”, and the origins of changelings. I think that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic still has plenty of potential and a great fanbase to keep it going for quite a while.

    Why I Love Capper and Songbird Serenade from The 2017 MLP Movie
    By: Booksmart

    The 2017 MLP Movie definitely has diverse and unique new characters That peaks everypony's interests, including my own! Two of my favorite characters from the upcoming 2017 MLP Movie I want to talk about is Capper the Cat and Songbird Serenade , A Pegasus pop star mare! In fact , I love them better than Discord and Sapphire Shores! Allow me to explain: First, let's start why I love Capper: 1. He's an anthropomorphic cat. I have a soft spot for animals ,both anthropomorphic and in real life. 2. He's a reformed con artist and benevolent Machiavellian just like Danny Ocean , Scott Lang/ Ant-Man and Nick Wilde . Unlike Discord , who's a demagogue , hedonistic egoist, Harm -joy lover, and cursed by chaos magic, His schemes are not based on malice and actually has remorse for them. #3 He's quite handsome, inside and out, unlike Discord. #4 He has intelligence , agility , charm , keen senses , and a sense of morality. And 5 Capper has an origin story. He was once a rich aristocratic feline who goes through a riches to rags story after a encounter with The Storm King. The Movie's main antagonist and is willing to redeem himself and conquer his insecurities, making him relatable . Discord has no origin story is way too fantastical and enigmatic and has little to no relatability . And now , It's Songbird Serenade's turn! Aside from Pegasi being my favorite pony, along with unicorns, both traditional and winged. and that has a beautiful design and unique cutie mark, Songbird Serenade has an angelic voice , heart of gold, and truly means by the virtues and words in her art. I can relate to this the most because I'm a prophetic poet myself. Hope you relate and love these MLP Movie Characters like I do too!