• Twilight Day Stories!

    You can't have a book horse day without some reading to go along with it so thankfully you guys sent in a lot of fanfics for us to enjoy today!

    We've got one heck of a list, so get a snack and drink and enjoy!

    A Night (To Try) To Remember by Zaptiftun


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It teaches so many life lessons. In this one, Twilight and her friends learn a difficult lesson about partying too hard, and the price that comes with it. Stay thirsty, my Bronies.

    A Once And Future Darkness by Cold in Gardez


    Strange dreams are haunting the night in Ponyville. The dreams are lucid and clear, indistinguishable from reality. And sometimes, when ponies wake up, the dreams don't go away. Hallucinations stalk the waking world. Reality is bending in ways that Twilight Sparkle doesn't understand. But she intends to get to the bottom of this mystery and save Equestria from whatever is hiding in the darkness. Twilight Sparkle sometimes wonders if pony in her dreams is the real her. If that is her soul laid bare. She's about to find out.

    A Perfectly Ordinary Day In Ponyville by The Equestrian Gentlecolt


    When Twilight Sparkle first arrived in Ponyville, she thought every pony there was crazy. Nowadays, she fits right in. This is the story of a normal day in her new home.

    ACT OF WILL by presentperfect


    A mysterious machine appears in Ponyville. At first, it's a curiosity. After its purpose is discovered, however, it quickly becomes a menace and Twilight must figure out a way to destroy it before peaceful Ponyville is torn apart at the seams.

    All The Mortal Remains by Cold in Gardez


    Twilight Sparkle is a happy pony. With the help of her friends she defeated Tirek. She has a shiny new castle, the kingdom is safe, and she knows the reason behind her ascension. What more could a young princess want? She is happy, she tells herself as she digs through the ruins of her home. She is so happy she can barely smell the ashes any more. But in those ashes she finds something that should not be there: a small porcelain vase, and with it a decade's worth of unspoken questions. A mystery hiding beneath her hooves, waiting to be put to rest.

    And The Temptress Came Unto Her by device heretic


    Nightmare Moon visits Twilight in the night, and things get biblical.

    Basking by Pascoite


    Twilight couldn't remember ever having seen Princess Celestia get sick. That simply doesn't happen to alicorns. And yet there she lies, on her bed, delirious. If only she knew how to help.

    Blink by zaponator


    Twilight does some research into her tried and true teleportation spell.

    Blink And Miss It by Ponydora Prancypants


    I think that I shall never see a home as lovely as my tree. In its trunk I made my nest with all things that I love best. Books to read all night and day, Rooms to learn and space to play; But no more growing, no more fun; No more soaking up the sun; Nevermore to drink sweet rain; Or to greet the Spring again. There is no power or decree; No magic spell to save my tree.

    Bright Eyes by Agent Bookfort


    After an accident, Twilight's life is turned upside down and changed forever. With her friends standing by her, she must manage to overcome new obstacles, learn a new way of life, and discover just how long secrets last when hidden from those who know you best.

    Broken Voice by Cynewulf


    There are no nights now that Twilight does not wake in the darkness to find she's been weeping.

    Chess by KitsuneRisu


    It's all just a game, isn't it? When it comes to Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, Chess is much more than just moving pieces around on a board. It's a game of the mind, of thoughts, of conquest. But in a game like this, sometimes your greatest opponent is yourself.

    Completely Safe In The Reference Section by Cold in Gardez


    After a harrowing and dangerous quest, Twilight Sparkle and her friends have recovered Excelsior's Ecstatic Codex from an evil zebra cult intent on ending the world. The Codex, one of the greatest works of dark magic ever forged, carries within its pages a limitless collection of vile, twisted spells, all specially devised for anypony who opens the cover. What do you do with a book of dark magic? If you're Twilight Sparkle, you put it in your library. Because that's where books go. After all, books are for everypony.

    Dance 'Til We're High by PresentPerfect


    It's five years since she first met them, and most of Twilight Sparkle's friends have found love, leaving her feeling left out and unwanted. The Winter's Eve Ball promises a magical night of mystique and romantic wonder, but will Twilight's romantic notions get the best of her?

    Daylight Burning by Guesswork


    "It's so nice to see you again," said the thing that was not Celestia. "Oh yes, I know who you are, Twilight Sparkle. I had a taste of your magic when we met the first time, remember? Mortals forget things so easily, I find. Allow me to refresh your memory: you tried to kill me. But you failed, Twilight. You only mostly killed me. And do you know what that makes you? One very, very unlucky pony..."

    Dear Princess by Obselescence


    A young filly writes to the newly-crowned Princess Twilight, asking for advice. She's made one small mistake, though, in assuming Twilight is qualified to give it...

    Dictated, Not Read by device heretic


    Twilight composes a letter to the Princess about a terrible Hearth's Warming gift.

    Don't Go Outside by Wolokai


    In the quiet world of Equestria, everything is peaceful...everything is wonderful...everything is beautiful. At least...it was. Something has happened to Ponyville...and nopony knows anything about it, other than the fact that there are no reasons or answers as to what caused it. What there is, is a few ponies left who still have the luck to call themselves the last of the 'Sane', those who still pray for help and hope that it's coming...ponies like Twilight Sparkle. But nopony's coming to help, Nopony's going to care. The only thing left...is "The Rules". And the most important rule? Don't....go...outside...

    Estrus by Friendly Uncle


    Twilight doesn’t know the facts of life. You know, the birds and the bees. The reason you sometimes get that not so fresh feeling. We’re talkin’ about ruttin’. And who better to fill her in than her faithful friends? ...yeah, this is gonna get ugly.

    Fifty Shades Of Brad by D G D Davidson


    Twilight Sparkle has made a strange deal with Brad:  he ties her up, and she does everything he tells her to.

    Fire Spores by applecinnamonspice


    The friends we take for granted are often the ones that leave the largest impact on our lives.  When Spike falls seriously ill with a mysterious disease and the ponies strive to nurse him back to health, Twilight Sparkle comes to grips with this very realization about her number one assistant--and friend.

    For Those We Left Behind by Drakmire


    When her mother passes away unexpectedly, Twilight Sparkle reflects on a parent she neglected in pursuit of her own dreams. With only a little time left before the funeral, she returns home to piece together what she can of a life she barely remembers, hoping to make peace with the memories of a pony she took for granted.

    For We See Now Through A Glass, Darkly by Cynewulf


    Twilight is a princess. She is unassailable, indomitable, and above all, she is Good. This is what other ponies see, and this is the image that Twilight herself strives to live up to. She is kind when and where she can be, she is wise to the extent she is capable. And, by some miracle, the image and the reality line up more often than not. And then, quite by accident, Twilight happens upon some disturbing news from a long-buried part of her life that destroys all of it.

    For When It Rains by Vivid Syntax


    "When I read their letters... I think about how temporary everything really is." A lonely princess pores over her studies in a frigid castle, desiring nothing more than the warmth of an old friend. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria, wears a heavy crown wrought of burdens too numerous to bear, but perhaps a special visitor can ease her pain, if only for a moment.

    Forever Faithful by Konseiga


    In a freak accident from the Cloudsdale weather control team, Twilight is struck down by an errant lightning bolt. But the veil of death is relatively thin...

    Good Morning, Celestia by Soundslikeponies


    On a journey to a place seven hundred fifty million miles away, Twilight yearns for home.

    Good Thing I’m So Organized by Tactical Rainboom


    Everypony knows Twilight Sparkle as the sweet, studious unicorn whose magic powers are matched only by her incredible focus and organizational skills. When Twilight's friends make fun of the way her checklists and schedules control her life, Twilight just laughs. One day, for reasons known only to her, Twilight goes on an unstoppable organizing rampage. Soon, Rarity decides that she's had enough, and tries to stop Twilight before she organizes Carousel Boutique into oblivion. Twilight Sparkle is very, very organized. Twilight Sparkle has never told anypony why she's so organized. Until now.

    Her Blood Ran In Hollows Of The Floor by HoofBitingActionOverload


    No pony can hold onto their magic forever. Inevitably, a pony's body will be broken, and their magic will return to the air and soil. Celestia has held onto her magic for a very long time. After many long years of preparation, the time for Twilight to succeed Celestia as Bearer of the Sun has come. But as the abdication ceremony in which Celestia will relinquish her power approaches, Twilight begins to desperately search for a way to stop the dread ritual of the ceremony and save her friend.

    Hold The Line: Tales Of Magic Kindergarten by Wodashin

    Deep within the halls of Canterlot Elementary, Twilight Sparkle has been chosen for a special task. This Magic Kindergarten filly must lead her fellow classmates through a harrowing journey to reach the playground.

    I Look Into The Flames And See by Tramper


    Twilight Sparkle uses a teleport spell and goes into the future. It works.

    Journey by Commissar-Rarity


    Everyone has a journey in their life, a place they have to go. A road they must walk. But all journeys must come to an end. Even Twilight Sparkle's.

    Just Words by device heretic


    Twilight breaks Celestia's doors. But then, you'd be mad too, if your stupid brother got drunk and told you that you were adopted...

    Long Distance by Bad Horse


    Twilight tries to reconnect with Ponyville after becoming a princess and moving to Canterlot.

    Love . Sick by KitsuneRisu


    When an ancient and powerful magic is triggered despite all warnings, Twilight finds herself regretting ever going public about her relationship with Princess Celestia. As one by one, all her friends start to change in wondrous and mysterious ways, can she find a way to reverse the spell in time, and still remain friends with her kin and the Princess?

    Memories We Never Had by Hidden Brony


    On a cloudy day, four friends find refuge at Rarity's Boutique over a barrel of cider. But when Twilight Sparkle flies home from Canterlot to see her friends early, can she understand what's really going on?

    My Faithful Student by PhantomFox


    When the Princess gives Twilight an opportunity to compete in the Arcane Arts Competition, Twilight is thrilled. But when doubt creeps in, and preparation turns into obsession, will she push away her friends too far in the pursuit of success?

    Naked Singularity by Cold in Gardez


    Twilight Sparkle is a gifted student and scholar. When she attempts to harness her creative side by writing a science-themed sensual romance novel, however, things rapidly get out of hoof. Can her friends stage an intervention before she humiliates herself (and them) at a prestigious literature recital?  No. No, they cannot.

    Petriculture by Kwakerjak


    In an effort to keep her mind occupied, Twilight Sparkle decides to delve once again into the grand mysteries of Pinkie Pie. This time, Twilight's focus is on her claims of growing up on a rock farm: like so many things related to Pinkie Pie, the idea that somepony could grow rocks as an agricultural product makes absolutely no sense. However, the investigation eventually leads Twilight to a rather... surprising discovery.

    Que Sera, Sera by Ponydora Prancypants


    Princess Celestia always knew that Twilight Sparkle was destined for great things, but she never revealed the source of that knowledge, not even to those closest to her. When the day of Twilight's true destiny finally arrives, can Celestia fulfill an ancient promise to save Equestia's past, present, and future, even it means saying goodbye to Twilight forever? How can Celestia refuse her mother's last wish?

    Rain by FlameOfFaith


    When the young Twilight gets her mind set on something, nothing will pull her away. Sometimes this determination leads her to do great things; other times it dumps her in the pouring rain. And, of course, she drags Princess Celestia along for the ride.

    Rest Stop by John Perry


    At a rest stop on her way to Appleloosa, Twilight Sparkle has a rare moment to reflect...

    Schemering Sintel by N00813


    It's been a long, long time since Spike was stolen from her, but Twilight hasn't forgotten nor forgiven. After a long and arduous journey, she's finally found him and his kidnapper. She will save him. No matter the cost.

    Small Town Charm by Cold in Gardez


    Remember the time Ponyville was invaded by Parasprites? Or the time Cerberus, the demonic three-headed dog guardian of Tartarus, Equestria's underworld, wandered away and ended up in Ponyville? What I'm trying to say is, it's an odd sort of town. Anything can happen. This is the story of how a million star spiders came to live with Twilight Sparkle. It wasn't even the weirdest thing to happen to her that month. Ponyville, man. Crazy place.

    So Be It by device heretic


    Her beauty, sullied; her wisdom, corrupt; my love for her, violated. But still I answer...  Summoned to the palace in the dead of night, Twilight takes up a burden that even her generous, loving soul may not be able to handle...

    Sparkle's Law by AestheticB


    It is the day of the Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia is coming to Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle is overseeing preparations yet again, and has meticulously planned every last detail to ensure that everything is perfect for her mentor’s arrival. Nothing is going to go wrong. Except when the big day comes, Twilight has gotten four hours of sleep and Fluttershy is nowhere to be found. Pinkie Pie sets off after her with nothing but a dark coat and the voice of a chain-smoking stallion, and the Apples and the Carrots are at each other’s throats while Rainbow Dash is attempting to fill in for Fluttershy. As her plans collapse around her and Ponyville descends into chaos, Twilight Sparkle must focus on obtaining the one thing that can make everything better: the all-powerful, awe-inspiring magic of caffeine.

    Study Break by Geomancing


    Twilight Sparkle takes a moment from her studies at the School for Gifted Unicorns to get a late lunch. An apple would be the perfect treat.

    The Council Of Friendship by Drake Clawfang


    With Twilight Sparkle as the newly crowned Princess of Friendship, she and her friends are to spread friendship to all of Equestria. She has new duties to perform, not to mention a new throne room begging for meetings to be held. So it is Twilight calls to order the Council of Friendship, where she shall instruct her friends on running an effective government and discuss with them matters pertaining to their rule. In hindsight, she really should have realized what she was getting herself into.

    The Fog Of Ponyville by JakeTheGinger


    Twilight had never really seen fog before. The weather team in Ponyville had always checked the skies and made sure nothing disastrous ever happened. But one day, Twilight wakes up to discover that an ominous fog has enveloped Ponyville, obscuring everything. Worried, she becomes determined to find out the cause behind it. But what she will discover will be nothing like she imagined...

    The Good You Might Do by Pascoite


    Twilight Sparkle enjoys her friends' visits. They only want to help, after all. But when the line between dream and reality blurs, she must decide whom to believe, the ones she's known for so long, or the one she mistrusts the most.

    The Hanging Of Twilight Sparkle by The Pink Mugsy


    It's over. She's been with Celestia for years. She's absolved Luna of her crimes. She's been instrumental in defeating Sombra, and has revealed a Changeling invasion. She's even helped in reforming Discord. And now, her time is over. In the time that she's had, she's tried to do her best. She's tried so hard to live up to what other ponies expect of her. And they were happy with how she was shaping up. They wanted her to succeed. Now all they want is to see her dead.

    The Last Parade by Zobeid


    Long years have passed, and Twilight Sparkle has outlived most of her close friends.  As Twilight's time in Equestria draws to a close, Princess Celestia teaches her student a final lesson filled with cosmic revelations.  (And yes, it does actually have a happy ending.)

    The Midnight Run by Midnight Shadow


    Twilight is approached by Applejack with a strange request – to join her that night for a run, but all is not as it seems. Why is Applejack so nervous? What could this be about?

    The Never-Was And Wouldn’t-Be by Obselescence


    Twilight Sparkle's Harmony Project is the culmination of her life's work. The only thing left is for everyone to be gathered, so that all of Equestria can join together in Harmony. But now that success is staring her in the face, Twilight begins to have doubts. Fortunately, she has a friend like Discord, who is only too happy to lend a paw to a friend in need...

    the spiderses by Argembarger


    After a spell misfires, Twilight and Big Macintosh find themselves trapped in a world like none they've ever seen before. Together, they will face adventure, hardship, loss and longing, as their shared experience brings them closer together.

    The Things We Leave Behind by theswimminbrony


    Sometimes, bad things happen to good ponies. A year following a tragic incident, Twilight Sparkle returns to Ponyville to visit what she has been missing - her town, her memories, and most importantly, her friends. But will everything be as she remembers it?

    Theory by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Twilight can't sleep. She has an ancient and unfinished magic spell running circles in her mind. It's only when her friends visit that she begins to relax.

    Three Hundred And Fifty by Void Chicken


    My name is Twilight Sparkle, and 350 years ago, Sweetie Belle and I vanished without a trace. Now here we are, in the future. Equestria has become a utopia, with everypony living in peace and harmony. Everything is perfect. All a pony could ever want, and more. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I want to go home.

    Towards Some Greater Dawn by Cynewulf


    Twilight and Celestia go off alone, and Twilight will not say what is the matter, only that she may not return at all. Her friends and Luna gather in a vigil at the library the night of Twilight's unknown trial, waiting for her to come back to them. Twilight faces the most terrible of all decisions, and learns the nature of what she is, and what hopes she may yet have when the sun rises and she returns to her friends.

    Twilight October by uSea


    Can the Twilight October evade the clutches of the Equestrian Navy and bring glory to the motherland?

    Twilight Sky Over Canterlot by Foxxy


    "Hi everypony! Sorry I missed you. I'm away in Canterlot for a few days. If you need help finding a book, Spike will be happy to assist. Library hours are 9 - 5. Thanks! See you all then!  - Twilight Sparkle."  On a trip to Canterlot to attend to some royal business, Twilight Sparkle learns more about kindness and forgiveness than she expected. Contemplation, melancholy, and a richly detailed world. An oldie-but-goodie from the early days of the community; please note that this has not been updated to reflect subsequent character development from Season 2.

    Until The Moon Rises by AdrianVesper


    Twilight Sparkle calls upon a Genie. The process is mired in rules, but she won't let that stop her. With the Genie's power, she could change the world. She has until moon-rise to make her wish. Rules provide structure and order. Rules offer reliability and build society. Rules are boundaries that we live within, but rules can be broken. Sometimes, we have to break the rules to do what is right. But some rules can't be broken. Sometimes, rules are shackles.

    Upon Reflection by Obselescence


    When a million other realities are just a magic mirror away, Twilight does have to wonder what makes her own so special.

    Who Will Save Me From This Body Of Death? by Cynewulf


    After a long time--she would be more precise but Twilight has lost track of time--she emerges from the dark of the library. Her candles are burnt down to nubs. There is no food left in her pantry and furthermore, no coffee. So she goes to seek both. And finds the town changed. Or is it Twilight who has changed?

    You've Got Spam


    When Twilight Sparkle's overzealous insistence on correcting a typo in her junk mail draws the attention of a foreign postal service, can she dial-down her OCD long enough to avoid an international incident?
    Probably not, but let's see what happens!

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