• Twilight Day Draws to a Close

    After such a long day it is time for Twilight to get some sleep, she's got a busy day tomorrow. See? She's even planning ahead by sleeping on her breakfast so that she has something ready to go as soon as she wakes up.

    Thanks for participating in another one of our character appreciation days my friends! We'll see you again for the next one which will be Rarity on September 8th, just in time for New York Fashion Week.

    Now check on after the break for everything we just couldn't quite fit in.

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    PMV: Every Little Thing Twilight Does Is Magic by Eldonde

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    Kings (for Twilight Day 2017) by Spotted Hyena

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    Grayhoof - Ascension (EP Release!) by Grayhoof

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    Grayhoof - Twilightfall by Grayhoof

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    Aviators - Friendship (Grayhoof Remix) by Grayhoof

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    Aviators - Open Your Eyes (Grayhoof Remix) by Grayhoof

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    MLP:FiM Twilight's Castle by LoneBronyProductions


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    My Heartsong to Twilght Sparkle
                                                                             A poem by Booksmart

                                                        There's a special somepony thats caught my sight.
                                              A mare who's intelligent , modest, kind-hearted and erudite.
                                                         She's both a classic and an modern-day marvel ! 
                                             That pony I love ,admire and respect  is Twilight Sparkle! ^_^<3
                                               A pony whose adept and represent the Element of Magic,
                                             When all hope seems lost and when moments seem tragic
                                              She always be there for Equestria to protect and defend
                                                          All with the help of her amazing friends:
                                            Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie, Rarity , Spike and Fluttershy
                                               These are the friends That help our adorkable mare Twi! 
                             With magic combined with kindness, honesty , generosity , love ,joy, and loyalty,
                                                          She was reborn  as  an alicorn royalty ! 
                     A beautiful brainiac and bookworm with a big brain , a passionate soul, and kind and brave heart.
                                                             Magical spells are truly both her science and art.
                                                               This female hero of of indigo and violet 
                                                           Is always there to conquer any chaotic riot! 
            The #1 student of Princess Celestia is here is here to Spread friendship  and harmony throughout Equestria!
                                                         She'll  help anypony who have problems to cope.
                        She even gave ponies like Moondancer and Starlight Glimmer a  glimmer of hope!
                                                                A perfect duality of night and dawn .
                                            She's my guardian angel, my role model, my Imazardi, my paragon.
                                                              She's my Billy Jean, my Seven of Nine.
                                                            This extraordinary equine is one of a kind! 
                                            And we both share the same heart, same soul, same mind.
                                        Thank you for reminding us that we're destined to great things !
                                                           To unleash our magic and spread our wings!
                                               To embrace our uniqueness and accepting who we are! 
                                                          And shine bright like a shining star! ^_^<3

    Twitter: Calpain