• Random Pony Merch: Scotch Tape, MLP Movie Notebooks, Birthday Cards, and More!

    Just in case you ever wanted to tape things with pony, Scotch apparently scooped up the MLP license to let you do just that. Oddly enough, it's super expensive, but maybe they are ust derpin the price?

    Thanks to Jeffrey for that one, and go get a bunch of random merch below!

    Not Your Babe Adult Rainbow Dash Shirt

    Found At: HandM
    Found By: Cameron

    MLP Movie Notebook

    Found At: No idea!
    Found By: Adventure Planet Pictures

    Colorable Pony Mask

    Found At: Poundland in the UK
    Found By: James

    More Decals

    Found At: Home Depot
    Found By: machoskater989

    Guardians of Harmony DJ-Pon3 Hits Poland

    Found At: Toys R' Us in Poland
    Found By: Kredke

    Pinkie Pie Flashlight

    Found At: Roses in Indiana
    Found By: Mike

    Birthday Card

    Found At: Hallmark and Walmart
    Found By: Jeffrey

    Knockoff- My Little HORSE

    At least they put a ton of effort into that logo.

    Found At: Philippines
    Found By: Thomas

    MLP Movie Backpack and Bag Set

    Found At: Amazon
    Found By:  Xenotic