• Project SEAPonyCon, ready for takeoff!

    SEAPonyCon is this weekend my friends and they have one last big presser for you guys to dig into highlighting what is going on at this year's event involving schedules, guests and more.

    Check on after the break for the full details!

    Hey everyone! It’s your friends in Southeast Asia and believe it or not, we’re just a little less than a week away from the most anticipated pony convention in the region - Project SEAPonyCon is almost here. We’re nearing the biggest milestone on a journey of that started in 2013 and we can’t wait to open the doors to you.

    Over the last few weeks we have rolled out all you need to know about the convention. In case you missed any of it, you can find them all here in this writeup!

    Our schedule is out and you can find it below or at the easy-to-remember URL of


    We aim to make some things easy to remember and access as and when you want them. As long as you have a mobile phone and data plan (which are relatively affordable in Thailand!), you’ll be able to pull up the information you need as and when you need it.

    Click for full

    If you don’t have internet or anticipate any issues, you can also easily download these schedules to your device for quick reference.

    With that we have also announced our performers for not one, not two but three concerts that will be happening at Project SEAPonyCon! This post also serves as our announcement of Meelz and Michelle Creber as the musicians for our first concert on Saturday night - Friendship X.

    As we go into the night, our rave concert kicks in with EnsionD from Australia, then we move onto MrMehster and ZAER from Singapore before closing off the night with a performance by NicDroid from The Philippines. It’s going to be a musical night full of energy.

    The concerts will end by 11.30PM Bangkok Time so if you want to head out after that to cool off, grab some supper with friends or retire for a good night’s sleep, the city is yours.

    On Sunday we are thrilled to have the talented musicians from The Seapony Orchestra giving their debut performance along with their premiere of a tribute to the late brony musician, Melodicpony.

    Aside from that, Crystal Empire Records will be running two Gem Sessions panels where musicians from the label attempt a collaborative, crowd-sourced songwriting experience with the attendees just like you!

    We hope you’re all packed and ready for an amazing weekend. We’re all here waiting for you and can’t wait to see you either.

    It’s time to show the world that a place for friendship shouldn't be for just one nation. See you at Project SEAPonyCon!

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