• Official My Little Pony Website Updated - Music, Book Previews, Character Sheets, Queen Novo Hippogriff Form!

    Looks like besides the images that Seth posted about last night the official MLP site has added a bunch of new stuff (at least to my knowledge)! They've added in a whole page filled with MLP music for your listening pleasure, added in a large preview of the Equestria Girls book 'Through the Mirror' as well as a big 30 page preview of 'The Stormy Road to Canterlot' which details Tempest's backstory.

    The page also has the character bios we posted some time back but had to take down. Now that they are on the official site it's probably safe to report on them again.

    Get links to all of these below!

    Movie Character Sheets
    Music Page - Show
    Music Page - Equestria Girls
    'Through the Mirror' Preview
    'The Stormy Road to Canterlot' Preview

    Thanks to The S for the heads up.

    We also have a look at Queen Novo's Hippogriff form after the break!

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