• Orchestra Music from the Movie to Be Used in Season 8!

    Breaking news from the Bronycon Press conferences!

    Hi everyone, I'm here at Bronycon 2017 where we've just had a press conference with several members of the show staff.  Our breaking news, though, comes from MLP's lead songwriter, Daniel Ingram. Head down below the break to read all about it!

    In the press conference with Daniel, when asked about the music in the upcoming MLP movie, Daniel let us know that Season 7 has been light on songs because much of his effort has been split between Season 7 and the movie itself, with about half the usual season's songs going to the movie instead.

    What this means is there are multiple songs in the upcoming movie, possibly as many as five or six of them!  Daniel also told us that the movie has a much bigger musical budget and access to more resources than the show, and that we can expect use of a full orchestra and a lot more additional singers than we're used to seeing in typical episodes.

    While he was at it, Daniel confirmed for us that the music for Season 8 is already written, and that, without a movie to draw away much of his time, it has the usual higher amount of songs we're used to seeing in each season. And even better, some of the songs still have access to the live orchestra used in the movie! So we can expect a return to the usual richly musical format for the show when next season rolls around.

    It sounds like there's a lot coming up for fans of MLP music! Stay tuned for more updates from Bronycon.