• Lots of New Books Listed on "Magical Story Collection" Page by Hachette

    The Magical Story Collection listing over on Hatchette's website has revealed a bunch of upcoming books in the series. Some of them sound like episodes we've already seen, while others seme to venture off into side stories based on them.

    Unfortunately, all we know for release date is some time after Autumn, at least in the UK.

    Get a full list below.

    The Big Book of Equestria
    Princess Cadance's Royal Holiday
    Magical Baby Flurry Heart
    Race Day in Rainbow Falls
    Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Empire
    Adventure in Everfree Forest!
    The Secret of Gabby Gums
    A Springtime Surprise
    Cutie Mark Crusaders Forever

    Thanks to Perfect Blue for the heads up.