• IDW MLP Comic Cover Artist Mary Bellamy Makes Submission to WeLoveFine's Fan Forge

    Four Princesses and Three Students. But somehow there's only six ponies. Six adorable ponies. Dang it Mary Bellamy! Why must you draw ponies so cute!

    Anyways, for those who don't know, Mary Bellamy is an IDW My Little Pony Cover Artist and she has decided to try her hand at tee shirt design with WeLoveFine. Which outside of five T-shirt designs from about four years ago, there haven't been any MLP Comic Artists to have official My Little Pony T-shirts.

    If you think the design is cool, be sure to vote for it here on WeLoveFine. And who knows, if the design is accepted, maybe this will lead to more work from IDW Comic Artists showing up on WeLoveFine T-shirts.