• Gameloft MLP Game Releases a MLP Movie Patch for 3.7.0

    The Official My Little Pony Gameloft game has released a new patch as of today for iOS and Android. This one primarily focuses on Songbird Serenade, with a mix of other movie-preparation quests, buildings, and characters to get you hyped up for it.

    Head on down below for the exact patch notes. We are looking for screenshots of all of this stuff if anyone can send some over!

    What's New in Version 3.7.0

    Do you hear that? It sounds like a beautiful new voice filling every acre of your Equestria…
    Oh, it's Songbird Serenade! This beautiful new pony just trotted over straight from My Little Pony: The Movie!
    Excited? Then get your front-row seats to this awesome update right now!

    ***WHAT’S NEW***
    Play cool quests and help your ponies prepare your own Friendship Festival!
    19 NEW CHARACTERS: Welcome Songbird Serenade and her bodyguards, and even more ponies from your favorite episodes!
    NEW BUILDINGS: Build a cool stage for Songbird Serenade and beautify your Ponyville with Festival Tents.
    NEW DÉCOR: Friendship Banner, Dance Floor, Party Wagon and more cool decorations will help make this the best Friendship Festival ever!

    Thanks to Kalecgos for the heads up.