• Episode Followup: Campfire Tales

    I commandeered this followup with the expectation that I'd be slidin' on by with a giant pile of love for a sphinx pony for 40 images, but Discovery Family pulled a fast one on me. Luckily, this was a pretty damn good episode anyway.

    We got an awesome look at pony cultures throughout Equestria here in one of the best world building episodes of the series. I really hope we get to visit some of these locales for the long term in an episode or two. 

    ANYWAY, get your armored war horses, chaotic evil fire breathing lizards, and necromancer Scootaloo below!

    I've never been actual camping before, but I have watched many a TV show with people struggling and failing horribly to put up a tent. Imagine doing it without hands. You would think Equestria would have earth-pony safe kits for pitching one of these things, but nope! Maybe the Apple Family can't afford them? I'd donate a self-pitching tent. Poor Apples...

    Of course, Unicorns just pick a lesser minion to do it for them.  At least Sweetie Belle has a strong back from millions of years of equine evolution to help carry Rarity's crap around. Trillions of tiny mutations all lead to this incredible moment.

     These two seem to be getting along nicely now days~

    My favorite duo by far was was fueled by all this Scootalove. They are really layin it on with the sister thing. I feel like a few oldschool writers almost regret not doing it from the beginning, but I'm glad it has evolved in this direction.

    I'd joke about Rainbow's lack of education and randomly eating berries in the forest, but the screencap I randomly got is too good to caption.

    I wonder where all the fear of forests and caves comes from with Scootaloo? The kid still has a complete mystery for a past. Are we slowly unfolding the story of her pre-CMC childhood?

    Was she ditched in the woods and made to fend for herself until she stumbled on the Ponyville orphanage and finally found a home?

    Are her parents secretly space ponies from another planet who jettisoned a payload without realizing Scootaloo was hiding in it?

    Is she actually an ancient evil taking the form of a tiny, potentially handicapped pegasus foal for the sake of slowly infiltrating Equestria and taking over from within? I'd be scared too if my new friends decided to camp in an area where I usually do my necromantic rituals and demon summonings...

    I should stop reading fanfics.

    It only took 7 seasons, but we finally have an explanation for the whole Pinkie Pie hot dog thing in season one. It's such a peaceful and comfy episode. Equestria really is a utopia isn't it?




     NO WAY 








    I'm sorry but, we are going to have to search for another tiny horse planet to inhabit. This just won't work out. How can a population so adorable live with something as terrifying as FLYDERS? Can we just not?

    Sorry Trixie. Sorry Glimmy. Sorry Coco. Sorry Lyra. Sorry Velvet. Sorry background pony #322 that I talked about for five minutes as the greatest thing on the planet in all my pony chat areas. It's not happening. Equestria is cancelled.

    (In other news, maybe these Flyders wandering away from Luna Bay is hinting at a future episode? They did it last season too)

    I didn't have time to GIF this as I watch the clock tick down since I always do these followups at the last minute, but Dashie scraching like a dog makes up for Flyders.

    Do you still want to come over to my place anon? 

    I always loved me some viking villages. There is a steam game I've been meaning to try out, but I'm not touching early access after being burned at least five times now. If this was a gaming blog, you'd get so many rants about that sort of thing. I love rantin about games.

    Uhh... anyway! Viking ponies! Very awesome.

    I love a mare in armor.

    I'm saving all the Legend comics for one big push, but this dude seems like a pretty standup guy. Reminds me of the How to Train Your Dragon storyline. The weak kid rising up from terribleness and conquering the village with excellence. It's like the ultimate anime plot.

     He's even got that goofy side. You always need a goofy side for a good anime protag. 

    See? Apple Bloom agrees, She's watching My Hero Academia right now, and guess what?


    No wonder she's so excited. Totally an anime nerd.

    TFB (Traditional Followup Butt). 

    I painstakingly went scene by scene to find the absolute best to keep the quality control here up to Equestria Daily's incredibly high standards. Truly this site is a beacon of excellence in the My Little Pony fandom. I bet someone over at Top Draw has a field day every time we pick out his or her perfectly crafted pony posterior. 


    They say she's pretty skilled with her hooves.

    They weren't lying.

    And finally after all these years, pony finally goes FAR EAST! I've been waiting forever to see what an Asian equine culture would look like. I never expected them to all be primarily unicorns with crazy looking horns. 

    Is this where that lanky boxy snout in mares comes from? An Asian trait? It's so rare over in Ponyville and Canterlot, yet so common over here.

    Mistmane's story is probably my favorite of the three. They did a really good job of making you care about her.

    I'd kill for an Asian style progression montage of Celestia and Luna as foals tutoring under Misty. Give it a rockin' backtrack, all leading up to a big ascending moment when Celestia's mane starts flowin like crazy. She and Luna return after a year of intense training with absolutely no new abilities other than DEM MANES. Ponies everywhere bow down in amazement. Which one of you wants me to write for the show? I'm about to submit a resume and my fanfic via DM on Twitter.

    You could dress poni in anything and it will make it adorable.

    Good... Let the hate flow through you!

    Magic Duel Screencap Montage 
    AKA I have no idea what to write but these caps are cool yo.

    I'm noticing a pretty heavy trend of tentacle shaped magic out of these possibly Japanese ponies.



    She's still beautiful.

    This one though, I can see why she lost it. 

    I hate seeing impoverished dejected mares, so I needed to screencap it and spread the bad feels out a bit. Sorry guys.


    Back in the cave, and Dashie pulls a... Dashie.

    AJ seems so tired of this horsebird's crap.

    Luckily, she tells a pretty good story. Flash Sentry Magnus and his band of merry pegusai continue the trend of making airplane sounds while flying around. Similar to putting a baseball card in your bicycle spokes as a kid, and a well known military tactic for maximum confusion against opponents stronger than them.

    I wonder why they all only have one hoofboot?

    Maybe they earn hoofboots as they rank up? Or maybe years of combat just requires extra boots for extra protection? The grizzled old war veteran has many tales to tell on pegasus military tradition.

    Even when guard poni is trapped, she's adorable.

    All these legendary artifacts we've been getting lately make me reaally hope Hasbro doesn't C&D Legend of Equestria. It would have been a dream if they scooped it up years ago, slapped it with a big ol' budget and got us a pony MMORPG at the peak.

    This is pretty awesome. Shame it literally happens in less than a second. That took a surprising amount of replays to screencap.

    All in all, Dashie's story was about what you'd expect out of her. Maybe they can get her on board to help direct the next Transformers movie.

    A minor little note here. I thought it was a really nice touch having the illuminated cave darken when Rarity dipped her headlight underwater for a second. It's subtle things like this that make MLP feel higher quality than other cartoons.

    Lets end it on some Scootalove.

    Best new sisters

    Even if one of them maay have gone a little overboard on the whole "I'm scared of everything!" thing. Seriously, what happened to this foal?

    All in all, it was a solid episode from my perspective. We got a whole boatload of world-building that many of us have been dying for for ages. There are still three more heroes to introduce by the end of the season if they follow the comic books, and we still haven't seen the Egyptian stuff from the teaser earlier this year. I need my sphinx!

    >Sethisto followup
    >End on Scootalove





    And I'm out~